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  1. Thundery

    Storms and other photos

    Some piccies of storms and the occasional sunset
  2. Right I did what you said and I've closed and reopened IE twice and it appears to be keeping me logged on now.
  3. Thats the problem it didn't find anything when it did the sweep.
  4. I did the sweep but it didn't find the Co Cookie so its still logs me out. Back to the drawing board again.....
  5. Hold the applause Tim. Went off for more than a minute and it logged me off. I give up.
  6. Well at least we know whats causing it then. KT do you have Spy Sweeper installed?
  7. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Spy Sweeper but its made no difference. What I can't understand is why its recently decided it will remove the net-weather cookie. Its not even malicious. The only way that I can see of getting around the problem is switching the IE Tracking Cookie Shield off but I'd rather not do that.
  8. Unfortunatly its still logging me out Paul. I think we can rule out a problem with the forum. Its more likely to be the computer as Spy Sweeper is still removing the tracking cookie. I've looked around for an option to allow the net-weather cookie but I can't find one. Perhaps I should just uninstall Spy Sweeper and then reinstall it again?
  9. I just opened Spy Sweeper and noticed this: IE Tracking Cookies Shield: Removed [email protected][2].txt Do you think this might be causing a problem?
  10. There isn't a no entry sign in the taskbar. I tried what you said but its made no difference.
  11. I've done what Summer Storm and Nabraxas have said and guess what, its still logging me out. Its got to be something to do with the computer and not the forum as nobody else is reporting it. But I haven't a clue what it might be.
  12. Ok Paul. Appreciate you going to all this trouble.
  13. Sorry Paul, look at the above post. Looks like I spoke to soon.
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