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  1. One last thing from me ! A big thanks to Steve murr... we’re so luck having him in are thread with his great knowledge!!!! Cheers mate
  2. Moving this great spell of weather a side !! I hope we have a summer we all talk about for years!!
  3. How I’m so looking forward to summer heat
  4. Great spell of weather!! One we will all remember and can’t wait for the next one on here with all you guys !!! Thanks .... next up spring time.. please I need it now my business is suffering..... joys of being in the air conditioning trade
  5. I think you guys in Farnham might be in the action soon !! Winds a lot stronger blowing the showers more inland
  6. Is that a Thames streamer I see on the radar??
  7. Very cold night !! My shower has stopped working , think the pipes in the loft has frozen up
  8. No snow here last night !!! But it very cold...
  9. Rain has finally turned to snow here in Woking !!! Coming down quite heavy
  10. Pointless but I iike your hope . There's a a sheer in there
  11. Looks like the blob is gonna miss us !!! Admit