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  1. Huge snow flakes ......upto 3cm diameter ....where they are sticking together. Still fairly intense and now settling on pavements and trying to settle on roads. I suspect that the higher parts of the Chilterns will now have quite a cover. Here in Hemel all looks white....about 1.5 cm on the grass and roofs. Not sure how long it will last!!
  2. Still snowing in Hemel. Air temp now at 0 C. Slight cover on most surfaces but not sticking on roads. Yellow warning for ice looks like being accurate....might be pretty dangerous on roads and pavements overnight.
  3. Snow started in Hemel Hempstead about 15.20. No rain before snow. Now snowing moderately and starting to settle with air temperature around 1.5 C. Height here 490 feet.
  4. Snowed from 4.30pm until 7.30pm then a gap before another burst until 9.30pm. Did start to cover the roads again. Amounted to about 2cm to add to the 5cm from yesterday. Quite a bonus watching the band of snow develop as it moved west from the Kent and S. Essex coast. Max temperature in Hemel Hempstead (149m) today was - 1.5 C!!. Might yet be a little more to come looking at the radar towards the east.
  5. Hemel snowfall same as Watford depth and also now back to light snow. Out of interest and for contrast....using the old Fahrenheit scale because it better emphasises the difference .....the temperature at 2.0pm yesterday was 55 degrees whereas today at 2.0pm it was 29 degrees!!
  6. Depth update. Hemel Hempstead very similar to Waltham Abbey....about 5cm. As at 11pm, snow is probably as heavy as it has been all day. Being blown off roofs and along pavements. Rural roads with large fields to the east may soon start to find drifts developing. Interesting that the amber warning area never included Hertfordshire nor the Chilterns and to the best of my knowledge was not modified to include them.
  7. In Hemel Hempstead where it has snowed all day......albeit mostly quite lightly.....the past two hours have finally seen the snow settling on the roads. Probably about 3cm off the roads but starting to blow around. Still snowing moderately. Could present some rural travel problems overnight and tomorrow morning. I am on the NW side of town at nearly 500ft. It will certainly be more difficult on the roads as you gain the extra height into the main part of the Chilterns, Looks like our planned litter pick at 10am tomorrow in Gadebridge Park will be off.......not able to see it!!!
  8. After a short break during which the slight cover mostly melted it is now snowing again here in Hemel but not enough to settle on the now damp surfaces......having said that it has just got heavier and started to settle on car roofs again.
  9. Has been snowing in Hemel Hempstead for the past half an hour giving a white cover over the top of the frost. Looking at the radar it will probably not last much longer. Still more than the whole of last winter which was nil.
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