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  1. snowydog

    Hurricane Michael

    Seems to have reached Cat 5 just after landfall This is crazy how it escalated overnight. Those poor people who went to bed thinking it was a Cat 2. Wake up to a Cat 4 with very little time to get out - I mean it’s just after midday there. Crazy stuff.
  2. Been snowing heavily last half hour in Mallusk. Starting to lie but it’s pretty wet from all the rain earlier. Had snow when I woke up early this morning then rain washed it away. If it didn’t rain I’d say we’d have a good inch or so
  3. JUST PIPING IN to say what a beautiful bank holiday. Bit cold but beautiful. Just read a snippet on one of the news pages about a return to cold (“arctic blast”) during the Easter period. Im loving this weather and am looking forward to spring but I missed out on the last two beasties () ... first one - one day of snow all morning but my granda died that day so was last thing on my mind) - melted that night. One last wee period of snow up in Mallusk would be nice - then I can move on to spring lol. Though if it doesn’t happen I won’t be too disappointed - but no rain please - just nice weather like today
  4. Finally a dusting here in Glengormley! Wont imagine it’ll last very long but nice to get in on some of the action.
  5. Can I get a blob up here in Mallusk? Haven’t had anything
  6. I know . I spent the afternoon in Costa at cityside during storm Orphelia build up before it closed for the evening. The wind was not that bad last night. So disappointed. There were plenty of cars about - just losing trade really. Think maybe a few places where there’s no shown have used it as a bit of an excuse.
  7. Pretty bored with this weather now lol! However, going by the model thread, doesn't seem to be any signs of spring - cold but not as chilly as we've obviously had. Possibility of some intermittent snow in the north next weekend - probably a better chance for me for snow, but very early stages at the minute, and to be honest, I'm fed up with it - just want spring to show now (will have to wait a while). Was raging last night - Costa Coffee at Cityside - normally open till 9. I stopped by after 8 on my way home from Castlereagh to grab a hot chocolate for the rest of the drive home and it was closed 'because of the weather' - windy yes, snow - no .. and local people working in that Costa - not ones from heavy snow areas. Just wanted my hot chocolate fix (only Costa for me) and was so disappointed because it was closed
  8. That wind is crazy. Slight bit of snow overnight - not covering the roads tho so nothing to write home about
  9. Rochey’s Snow Shield has been by blown up by the winds and is currently in full force in mid Co. Antrim
  10. I know I’m shocked. I’m normal situations it would be snowing but this has been the weirdest weather week up here in Mallusk lol
  11. Same here! CoolFM FB live seem to think we will get a dusting at some point through the night (mentioned coments from Newtownabbey :/ Antrim / Ballymena / glengormley etc about having no snow) will see what happens but I’ll prob be sleeping lol
  12. I’ve heavy snow forecasted for 1am - Im in bed already - don’t think I’ll stay up for it though as I’ve had snow showing before And it never appeared. hopefully I’m wrong and we wake up to some white stuff before this spell ends
  13. Ok nvm she’s been found safe and well!
  14. Apparently there’s an 8 yr old girl missing in Portadown. All over social media and online news outlets. Been missing since 5.30pm this evening. Hope she’s found safe and well @Weegaz what automated forecast you using?
  15. Up north then move north west would Ben nice so we get in on some of the action - very doubtful for anything for me though