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  1. I’ve attached some images from a video on snapchat from Marsh Harbour about 30 mins ago. Note one of them has about 5 guys out walking. The footage was taken from people driving around in a car. Very scary
  2. Snapchat maps has a video posted 40mins ago from Marsh Harbour. Another one over an hour ago showing some trees down.
  3. Sorry bit late to the thread - have been following Reddit’s thread. This does not look good. Those poor people in the Bahamas. Few days ago, I was ready to book 4 days in Bahamas for October (I’m in Florida for a few weeks anyway so thought we’d take a trip over). Glad I didn’t - I don’t think they’ll be in a good position for many months to come. I have this feeling it’s going to continue West and possibly make landfall in Florida. That’s just my hunch. I know it’s still up in the air but I’ve a bad feeling and going by what I’ve read on Reddit - many local news stations had been telling people that it will turn north and miss them. I fear it will continue west and possibly hug the east coast .. and many people won’t have been properly prepared based on the earlier north turns.
  4. Is it seriously snowing in Banbridge? Lol I seen it on FB - CoolFM. I was so getting used to this lovely springlike weather last week.
  5. Nice post Booferking! Here's hoping for us lasses and lads in the East .. I wanna build a snowman! ?
  6. Ooo I’ll have to keep an eye out. Thanks for the update. I’ve family up in Ballymoney - was there last night .. should have been there tonight instead ?
  7. Haha loving the snow pics for you lucky ones. Feeling like @Rocheydub this time round with the snow shield talk. Hoping something miraculous happens and I wake up tomorrow with a good layering of white stuff. Highly doubt it though. Not jealous at all ? ? Enjoy folks ??
  8. Fingers crossed it reaches us over here - sun splitting the trees here in Belfast ?
  9. Sunny here in Belfast - few flurries on way to work over back of cavehill - but more like sleet ... looking like we're going to miss out - ah well ... everyone else enjoy!
  10. Looks like we’re not gonna get anything of interest this far north (I’m Mallusk). Ah well ?
  11. Very heavy in North Belfast - started lying on wet ground within 15 mins of starting ... heavy up in Mallusk too!
  12. Yeh I thought that. Rain's on for the night then. Normally I'm excited by the prospect of snow but I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the minute, so I can't really be bothered ? I'm sure if it arrives tho - it'll be a different story and I'll be all excited lol ...
  13. I've a walk up cavehill next Friday night (yip - nighttime walk) for charity - I'm hoping it doesn't drop one then ??
  14. Ooo the 20th - my birthday and our Christmas staff night out! Interesting! Sorry - Hi guys! Just back in again after a wee break. Not getting too caught up on the model thread this year - really couldn't be bothered. In saying that, I'll prob have a nosey in the new year, but I'll not be as obsessive as previous years - what will be will be, whether I know what will happen or not ... it'll still happen.
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