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  1. The Irish Met Office has issued a yellow warning of snow and ice for tonight and tomorrow morning. They aren't expecting much, it says 1-2cm generally but the warning covers the entire country so there may be some surprises!
  2. Relax Guys.. There really isn't much change. Towards the end of January could be around Jan 20th - 22nd in my book! They are still saying increased likelihood of cold weather with snow. We all know this is far from certain.
  3. Hi Guys and Girls, Just want to wish you all a Happy New Year from Ireland. I've been following this forum and others for years and you guys are responsible for my fascination for weather and I am totally hooked! I've even started checking in here at 4am to the bemusement of my other half. I have just set up my new Davis Vantage Vue and can't wait for some of the white stuff. Here's a link to my station: https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/891b34795efd4b2a8e5f60fd87648b1d/wide Anyway I know this is for model discussion only, I'm only learning but I have a good feeling the
  4. Do you think it will just push the block out of the way, when do we get a look at the extended UKMO?
  5. You predicted a stonking GFS run with colder uppers only 10 mins ago and that didn't happen.. Keep the predictions coming! Personally I think we will find ourselves with a halfway house, not quite what GFS is showing but nothing as nice as ECM.
  6. I'm not sure if this can act as a guide to anyone in the uk who is keeping an eye on the first weather front moving in from the Atlantic currently but it looks like the models even as recent as yesterday weren't very accurate with this. Firstly in terms of timing, it was showing the main area of precipitation heading for the East Coast of Ireland by 7pm tonight, it's still moving very slow across Ireland and it hasn't reached the East Coast/Irish Sea yet. Temps and DPs are also a degree or two lower than what was being shown yesterday meaning snow (albeit light) showing up in more areas. I gu
  7. Hi everyone, Long time viewer but rarely post. I love reading the comments from people here but have noticed that some people almost get pleasure posting when things don't work out for cold fans.. It can be a little off putting at times. I am based outside Dublin in Ireland so it's rare we do well out of frontal snow or showers from the North and West. Give me a nice NE airflow, the Irish Sea can be a snow maker in the right set up. Looking at the output today this looks unlikely but we live in hope. The uppers look good to give some snow to high ground further North and West so it's not a
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