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  1. Tantalisingly close again here but once again no storms ……. The wait goes on .
  2. Another barren spell here in East Berks , honestly can’t remember the last storm we had
  3. Heaviest burst of snow so far here in Berkshire ..... here’s hoping we catch something more substantial later
  4. Not expecting massive amounts as we had in 2010 here on the slopes of Wokingham .., but you never know ....
  5. Yes but very bright , I’m watching the storms over Maidenhead from Wokingham
  6. May as well pull up a chair as The East Berks storm defence shield is in full swing yet again this year .
  7. As has been said it’s very Hot again here but looking strangely quiet over Northern France Not convinced we will Get anything incoming later .
  8. Still hoping we may get something later tonight or later this afternoon but not very hopeful as all we have had this year is a distant flash and fart whilst the others got battered up the road ... lol .
  9. Zilch here again , another hot day by the looks of it , maybe we may see a storm later ......
  10. Just turning in , will it be a noisy night in Wokingham ? Fingers crossed for a light show later .
  11. Indeed , As is the way Everybody North of Bracknell gets a thumping , Lol .
  12. Rain has eventually stopped now but does not look or feel remotely stormy sadly .
  13. Hard to see anything sparking here in East Berks today , grey sky , rain showers and a much cooler feel ....
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