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  1. Yes but very bright , I’m watching the storms over Maidenhead from Wokingham
  2. May as well pull up a chair as The East Berks storm defence shield is in full swing yet again this year .
  3. As has been said it’s very Hot again here but looking strangely quiet over Northern France Not convinced we will Get anything incoming later .
  4. Still hoping we may get something later tonight or later this afternoon but not very hopeful as all we have had this year is a distant flash and fart whilst the others got battered up the road ... lol .
  5. Zilch here again , another hot day by the looks of it , maybe we may see a storm later ......
  6. Just turning in , will it be a noisy night in Wokingham ? Fingers crossed for a light show later .
  7. Indeed , As is the way Everybody North of Bracknell gets a thumping , Lol .
  8. Rain has eventually stopped now but does not look or feel remotely stormy sadly .
  9. Hard to see anything sparking here in East Berks today , grey sky , rain showers and a much cooler feel ....
  10. Agreed , it feels much less humid than before we had the rain shower earlier , overcast skies , not confident about anything here ....?
  11. 20 minutes of heavy rain here but no thunder , clearing off now .
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