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  1. Rain again in snow free wokingham
  2. Snowing here in maidenhead
  3. UEFA Champions League

    a very happy spurs fan this morning.....
  4. Constant strobe lightning and monsoon in wokingham
  5. The belgian storm magnet is in operation again ......
  6. Lots going on over in france it seems
  7. Not looking foreword to putting on the chefs whites this week ..... scorching.
  8. Heavy shower now in marlow
  9. Looks like missing East Berkshire im afraid .... bedtime for me then.
  10. Lots of lightning in the distance looking south west from Maidenhead ... almost strobe like .
  11. SE England and EA Regional Weather Discussion

    Awaiting the storm here in wokingham
  12. UEFA Champions League

    that was bloody shambolic spurs ... i shall give sunday a miss i think .
  13. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    have a look at that toulouse pitch knocker.
  14. Absolute monster of a storm here has been for over 2 hours now ... biblical rainfall and lightning.