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  1. Anymore inbound today do we think ?
  2. Been a fun couple of days , but im at wembley tommorow so if it could stop now that would be great .. lol
  3. Coming down fast here .. not sure how long it will last
  4. Just been out with kids , still bitter cold wind but light sleet / rain falling , hoping for snow later but not convinced.
  5. Still got fingers crossed for one last snow chance today before we look for spring....
  6. 10cm would be better .....lets see.
  7. Think we will get anymore snow ?
  8. The wind is howling here in wokingham could be fun if we get any more snow later , fingers crossed we do.
  9. Very windy now in wokingham hoping that heavier stuff makes it here for a nice top up and a snow day for me tommorow ,.anything else is a bonus.
  10. Quite heavy now here ... great stuff.
  11. think that has west country in its sights