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  1. 16 minutes ago, icy toes said:

    Nothing here in the Cambridgeshire corridor of shame. Seems we might be the only area in the region without snow. Even the heavy stuff coming through on the radar looks like missing us.

    We have nothing at all in Milton Keynes either.  Had a brief flurry yesterday and a few flakes this morning but nothing on the ground now and nothing else destined for us apart from maybe an inch Friday night /Saturday morning

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  2. 40 minutes ago, Essex Chelle said:

    Decisions my Mercedes AMG sport rear wheel drive automatic with heated seats windscreen or my daughter's KA with nothing heated? gotta go work got not option ?

    You may have gone by now but the KA would be the easier option in terms of driving.  Front wheel drive and skinny tyres perform far better in the snow than rear wheel drive and lots of bhp.  Have a safe trip whatever you have used!

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