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  1. From what i have heard it was meant to be further west but bits are spreading further east. Like you, we have had almost non stop snow from 7am but the ground isn't even covered as it is drifting so much
  2. We have nothing at all in Milton Keynes either. Had a brief flurry yesterday and a few flakes this morning but nothing on the ground now and nothing else destined for us apart from maybe an inch Friday night /Saturday morning
  3. Mine was but it has just moved. There was a message saying met office had trouble sending out data
  4. You may have gone by now but the KA would be the easier option in terms of driving. Front wheel drive and skinny tyres perform far better in the snow than rear wheel drive and lots of bhp. Have a safe trip whatever you have used!
  5. mm would be rain, with snow it is generally 8-10 times more iirc so it is predicting close to 20cm
  6. Not quite as bad/good for me, 10cm expected between 3-6pm in Milton Keynes but 4 inches in an hour even seems a lot!
  7. So pleased, but a bit jealous of you getting all the snow in and around London! Nothing up here in Milton Keynes, had a couple of brief light showers yesterday and today but none on the ground at the minute. Long may it continue for all
  8. Skies have brightened here in the last 5mins but it is still just about snowing
  9. Starting to get a bit heavier here now and larger flakes, just about starting to settle on the grass
  10. Had a third hand report of heavy snow in kettering, nothing of note near central MK yet
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