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  1. Can confirm heavy snowfall in Newburgh(aberdeenshire) Met office app forecast has also changed to heavy snow for next few hours ???????? Road has gone from black to white and has a nice wee dusting already! ?????
  2. Anyone know if this expected to last until Easter? Just heard it on radio, isnit utter b**locks or true?
  3. I think I’m too close to the coast being in Newburgh. Showers look to intensify a bit once they pass the coast. Still a decent amount of drifted snow though so can’t complain too much
  4. @Snoozi where in the shire are you? I have watched the snow fly north and south of me all day and it’s still happening tonight ???
  5. Can anyone explain why the intensity is so much more dundee and south through Firth compared to further north on east coast in say aberdeen?
  6. Belting down in Aberdeen just now and roads are mental outeith the city with drifting snow
  7. Everything is going north of me by about 5-10miles. been no snow showers for a couple of hours now! Getting close to crying........i was hoping id be snowed into village tomorrow lol
  8. Bbc radio Scotland just said the transport minister has said a red warning may be issued for tomoz
  9. Few very light showers blowing in on a strengthening wind in Aberdeen. Nothing laying and melting almost immediately.....hurry up and arrive I want the S word and lots!!
  10. Don’t think it’s technically a polar low although it’s been coined as that by various tv weather presenters. As far a I can see from charts it’s a low tracking in North Sea and rather unusual I’d think borders would be in for a pasting off it
  11. That mass over Norway looks primed to head to the NE ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️
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