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  1. I love looking at pics like this from other members! Everybody make sure your cameras are charged so we can post some pics later. I heard a bit of rolling thunder in the distance at 4am this morning but didn't hear the rain. Thunder couldn't have been that loud or close as it didn't wake the dog and she is petrified of bad weather. Well, I say that, she would go and sit outside in it if I let her, she doesn't like the sound of it when inside though.
  2. Dog just been forced to empty her bladder and found that we have at least two roof tiles in the back garden.
  3. That will be in Caergeiliog then? My mother in law lives in Valley, just realised, she uses an 'electric' phone. I must tell her tomorrow to buy an old fashioned plug in one for instances like this.
  4. Scary if you are in a car, just think of the poor kids that have to walk home!
  5. My mother in law lives in Valley, which is about a mile and a half from Holyhead. I guess she won't be going out for her daily walk tomorrow by the sound of it.
  6. Shopping! Make do with what you have got in until it gets calmer, don't risk going out in this. http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/neath
  7. Lights just flickered, best I make another cuppa before we get a power cut. Still can't believe how noisy it is at one side of the bungalow compared to the other. Glad I don't have to venture out today. Stay safe folks.
  8. Sounds like someone is moving furniture in the loft! Rest of family still in bed, how the hell can anyone sleep in this. It is very noisy at the front of the house, not as bad at back where they are sleeping. Flippin' eck! Sounds like the roof is coming to come down, why are there no more lights on in the road, surely I am not the only one who can't sleep.
  9. Sitting here in Valley (Anglesey) and it sounds like the roof tiles are about to come off! Dog not impressed, bless her.
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