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  1. where is the rain? Met o said we would have rain from 9am. There are a few drips now and that is IT. Yet another mess up
  2. met o, really pathetic again today. Downgraded the rain on every update, every time I look it is less and less. Pity help the people who rely on tourists coming to the county, we had about 5 mins of light drips, if that. People could have had a lovely day out but the forecast will have put them off
  3. flipping heck, 32 now in the shade. Combines are going mad, harvesting
  4. 30.2 in the shade now, 54 humidity. It got down to 24 last night, that was the lowest all night. I am out at 6 doing stuff in the garden and then by 9.30 indoors for the day. Hardly any water left in 1000 litres of water butts
  5. oh that is me flaking now, 30.5 on netatmo in the shade. I have resorted to moving slowly and staying in. I hate this constant heat
  6. 26.1 and 63% humidity. Feels good indoors with the air cooler on. magicool
  7. I wish it would rain, ground here is so dry. Muggy and now cloudy. Netatmo says temp is 25.6 in the shade and humidity is 65%
  8. starlings gathering loudly this afternoon, getting organised for local murmuration and suddenly I want to sow some seeds indoors. What a lovely day
  9. FLAG in somerset need waders and hand sanitisers. Can someone please tweet or facebook this, I don`t do either
  10. euro farm subsidies are to blame. Planting acre upon acre of grain after uprooting trees. Thousands of apple trees were uprooted in somerset alone. Tree roots funnel 67 x the amount of water downwards compared to grass and then it is slowly released. Proof is behind me, the orchard does not have any runoff. The grain field nearby on the same slope has masses of runoff and all down to the levels. Local farmer gets lots of £ subsidy plus any more he earns from grain and straw. Rich at the expense of people on the levels
  11. very very interesting. Sheer negligence, the sluice gates were never opened and they could have been operational for 12 hours a day, letting a torrent of water out to the sea
  12. wind gusts got me out of bed, very loud and also hard rain sluice gates not in action
  13. I can`t see the pic. I believe that £140 million goes abroad every year for environment issues, including flood relief. Gob smacked when I read that.
  14. I am in somerset, just minutes from the levels but higher up, surrounded by hills and safe. My heart is breaking for the people affected, ordinary people like me. Anyone with empathy is feeling for them and we are so frustrated that money is going abroad rather than helping our own. It is lovely and sunny just now so we are getting jobs done and errands fetched, while we can, before run off from fields blocks every lane out of my village again but we know here that it is just for a short while, not months as on the levels. I hope to god that we all get some respite soon but it just does not lo
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