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  1. the russian high losing its hold maybe
  2. not sure Cork and Glasgow should have the same odds mind you id have Aberdeen top of the city list
  3. no jules was right those are weeks 45 and 46 of 2016
  4. good to see the snow in Scandinavia ,i think this is of more importance to us than a good cover in siberia etc think 2009 didnt have extensive eurasia cover but did have good cover in the northern latitudes and Scandinavia.not sure huge eurasian snowcover and subsequent huge high pressure aids us greatly,still learning but arent we all with this one
  5. Nice covering in town pity i didnt see the northern lights should have checked spaceweather.com earlier hope theres another show tomorrow night before the weather front moves in from the west later on ..
  6. Indeed evaporative cooling at its best.though as the front passes through temps will rise
  7. Very strange all the same as most roads in the area are under water after a day of very heavy rain.we.ll now wake to white cars and flooded fields bring on the real cold air.
  8. Snow certainly accumulating in Aberdeen now could be a few tricky roads inland before it stops
  9. cars and pavements covering over in a wet snow T0.8C and 0c dp its been a temperature rollercoaster all evening here,the joys of low elevation and too close to the sea,now up to 1.4 ,1c dp
  10. just think what a 2c drop in both would have brought us with the streamer reaching from just off wick to well south east of Aberdeen ,mind you the way things have gone this winter it would have taken the bypass route lol,,nice big flakes falling now T4c 2c dp at 19 .00hrs now 1.4c and 0c dp at 19,45 hopefully the colder air finally digging in now
  11. the slack flow certainly works in our favour at these times im never a fan of a south east wind here in winter give me a north north east flow everytime.
  12. agreed with the others to the south east this ones heading slightly north of the city and fading fast,wouldnt be surprised to see a dusting by morning nice dusting here now ..
  13. finally that blob arrives very light snow not sure the main shower will hit Aberdeen fingers crossed temp-2.6 dp-4