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  1. Welcome Phil to a great forum,there are a few reasons for this and I'm sure the many experienced brains on here with soon provide you with the answer most goes well over my head ,I'd say a downturn in angular momentum has a large part to play ,also there is an area of high pressure around Scandavia which I believe is trying to retrogress west ,mother nature hates a vacuum and a low pressure will fill the space I might be talking rubbish here I'm old?
  2. The trusted Gfs?hasnt covered itself in glory re its previous forecasts so far this year
  3. After a good week of use and not even putting the temp sensor in a great place,its showing very accurate temps to the official ones nearby excellent and easy to set up,well recommended arrived very quickly too.
  4. Great location for snow and streamer activity no sea warming threat and deep frost possible on clear night's
  5. Agreed,no 2 Ssw,s so hard to say how each will act,lots of other things influence the downwelling to I think,this may not be the one with our name on it this time
  6. I've a feeling this one will barely touch the surface .
  7. After reading the article in a previous post about the Govt shutdown in the US and the problems it's causing there for the GFS and the parallel why we trust it's output at all for the duration of the shutdown.
  8. Have been following his tweets for a week or more now, fascinating reading way above my understanding,but get the gist of it without the Pacific playing ball the high has nowhere to really go,let's hope it occurs sooner rather than later..
  9. I know it's the GFS but its good to see they have the downwelling reaching the troposphere..
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