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  1. some positive news for the doom and gloom crowd in the model forum patience is a virtue the runs will remain volitile for a while yet
  2. The good thing is though they know how to keep the roads pretty clear around you but yes id imagine the depth of snow was measured by the foot than the inch 😊
  3. Think the only wind direction you may be sheltered from is a westerly to south westerly the rest you are well placed just as well you werent there in 2009/10😉
  4. Great spot for streamers and powder snow elevation is a real bonus for you in marginal set ups
  5. Which part of Aberdeenshire are you in?
  6. You have elevation and an inland location great pluses for this winter
  7. Active streamer from Moray coast to Aberdeen just now the worst of the snow keeps heading just north of the city
  8. Nice heavy snow shower in Aberdeen
  9. No snow in Aberdeen at present temps 3c and dp at 3c as well but looks like inland could see some in heavier bursts
  10. Temp 3.1c dp 2 .6c a little sleet and rain
  11. Good luck with your move when it happens your new location would certainly see you experience a chance of a real winter if conditions are right the area you are going to is a great location for streamers in winter the elavation may not seem too high but you are a few miles from the sea and that makes all the difference here.
  12. The track of the low looks like its southern england that bares the brunt of the winds whereas we seem to be ok for once
  13. The sw wind bearing fruit again in Aberdeen a lovely 22c with mostly clear skies cooler air mass on the way for the weekend and nw winds but dry so not too bad.looks like an early autumn storm for later next week if models correct but probably being overcooked,well lets hopes so trees easily felled at this time of year in high winds..
  14. Lovely day in Aberdeen 22c gentle sw breeze and good spells of sunshine shame tomorrow looks very different a summer that never really got going for many, and no signs it will heading through August those C-pac trade winds have really strengthened again and left the mjo hitting a brick wall, a huge high pressure in western Canada/USA has not helped in keeping the jet on its southerly course
  15. 22c and rising and only 9.30 lovely