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  1. its pretty hard to find in the shops here and those ive seen are £7 a pop
  2. you do know that Buckfast is rarely drunk up here in Aberdeenshire more a central belt liquer,those Rothienorman folk not introduced you to the local hooch yet?
  3. Gentle snow falling in Aberdeen giving a light top up it seems to be pepping up a bit off the coast so maybe more to come.
  4. it may do yes just wish it had a more westerly movement than north west knowing Aberdeens luck we,ll end up in the middle again lol
  5. you know you can really go off some people lol light graupel remains the order of the day in Aberdeen
  6. not sure it will move much more, could really do with a change of attack angle of the convergence line if you trace it to its starting point on the radar it is a little further south but aligned more in a north westerly direction than the westerly one of yesterday if it was a westerly movement from todays starting point then it would be game on for heavy snow showers fingers are crossed.. pivot you bugger lol
  7. the zonal winds have returned to their normal westerly direction now but will take a while to downwell maybe 2 to 3 weeks at least this means little or no sign of spring till late march
  8. still light snow/graupel mix in the city id think by tomorrow it,ll be a rain sleet mix on the coast the dew point is rising as are the temps
  9. if the uppers stay as they are now id say snow but the dewpoints will be very close to marginal by sunday my guess is rain sleet wet snow mix especially at lower levels 150 m and above should stay as snow
  10. good lad if you do i.ll send in some buckfast to replenish your stocks
  11. the convergence line to your north has moved south long snow showers for you ,can you do me a favour send it 40 miles further south please.lol
  12. yes if conditions are right they show up ie a drizzle or fine snow etc
  13. i hope something happens its been pretty boring watching the odd flake pass by for the last few hours while to the north and south see heaps lol
  14. agree the lines of convergence are slowly sinking south and agree more snow will nick all our snow again cant see it sinking too far south though with the low approaching the south west of england
  15. just a slight nudge above the 0c mark in the city centre with the slightly more east south east tracking wind today