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  1. Agreed,no 2 Ssw,s so hard to say how each will act,lots of other things influence the downwelling to I think,this may not be the one with our name on it this time
  2. I've a feeling this one will barely touch the surface .
  3. Big wet flakes in Aberdeen now
  4. After reading the article in a previous post about the Govt shutdown in the US and the problems it's causing there for the GFS and the parallel why we trust it's output at all for the duration of the shutdown.
  5. Have been following his tweets for a week or more now, fascinating reading way above my understanding,but get the gist of it without the Pacific playing ball the high has nowhere to really go,let's hope it occurs sooner rather than later..
  6. I know it's the GFS but its good to see they have the downwelling reaching the troposphere..
  7. Poor if you don't want a cold anticyclone residing near or over the UK it shows East Europe going into the freezer.if the high moves north then the cold will start too arrive but it's still an if at this stage
  8. its pretty hard to find in the shops here and those ive seen are £7 a pop
  9. you do know that Buckfast is rarely drunk up here in Aberdeenshire more a central belt liquer,those Rothienorman folk not introduced you to the local hooch yet?
  10. Gentle snow falling in Aberdeen giving a light top up it seems to be pepping up a bit off the coast so maybe more to come.
  11. it may do yes just wish it had a more westerly movement than north west knowing Aberdeens luck we,ll end up in the middle again lol
  12. you know you can really go off some people lol light graupel remains the order of the day in Aberdeen
  13. not sure it will move much more, could really do with a change of attack angle of the convergence line if you trace it to its starting point on the radar it is a little further south but aligned more in a north westerly direction than the westerly one of yesterday if it was a westerly movement from todays starting point then it would be game on for heavy snow showers fingers are crossed.. pivot you bugger lol
  14. the zonal winds have returned to their normal westerly direction now but will take a while to downwell maybe 2 to 3 weeks at least this means little or no sign of spring till late march