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  1. Possibly...but only the occasional elevated flash - we had a few a while ago and yesterday no intra cloud being picked up by the detectors.I can see the very tops being lit up now of those storms off the North Kent coast form here in Eastbourre
  2. We had this yesterday - its intra cloud strikes not being picked up in the Channel when I was watching a storm off Eastbourne. I did see elevated flashes in that direction about half an hour ago.
  3. Yes I'm right on the seafront looking S-SW - plenty of outflow winds but its just dissipating / breaking up - nothing I can see yet looks like rain. Thunder and lightning staying on the French side by the looks of it and will track east / north east. I imagine we'll just get convective rain.
  4. Can see yellow lit lightning cloud tops in the Channel from my home in Eastbourne 😉
  5. I'm surprised this morning - where has this rain come from? Yesterday's forecast only mentioned a front going through East Anglia only but the rain covers all of southern England, Midlands and Wales. I'm getting some heavy bursts here on the south coast. It's most unexpected and welcome! ? That full 22 degree halo I saw yesterday was right then.
  6. Good view looking east towards Kent from Eastbourne - a windswept anvil from the Dover cell on the right with mammatus and new Cumulus Congestus development to the north of it...may bode well for north Kent / Essex later?
  7. I saw the birth of this storm from the East Sussex coast looking towards Beachy Head (1st photo) from my vantage points on Eastbourne seafront and then looking towards Hastings on 15th July 2007 between 1945-2050. All taken with my Sony Ericsson W850 mobile phone. It got much more menacing and interesting as it moved to Hastings. Photos are in order.
  8. Plenty of elevated lightning flashes seen from Eastbourne...seems quite active
  9. Hmmm nothing electrical is getting into the Channel at the moment - all quite close to the French side (landmass) ? I know these are elevated type storms...
  10. Thank you and hello there. Same here - nearly 30 years for being a PSB fan too! Along with thunderstorms! Its actually turned partly sunny and warmer here after some brief moderate rain moved through. This will aid cell development on the other side of the Channel.
  11. Haha thanks ? I live in Eastbourne right on the coast and I'm a lifelong Pet Shop Boys fan...I saw a couple of flashes of lightning last night out in the Channel before some night time low cloud rolled in over the Downs. I hoping there will be some sort of infrequent lightning display later from 2200+ this evening ?
  12. Some variations of fine outlined Altocumulus here - not quite castellanus but maybe a warning sign. We had loads of smoke in the air here from a huge fire at Lydd Military Range a few hours ago moving along the Kent/Sussex coast. Looks like central southern England could be in the zone judging by those Caen cells.
  13. Wind has picked up here on the coast at Eastbourne - very breezy. Must be heralding the arrival of the rain soon? Electrical activity atm just can't make it into the Channel.
  14. Well that was an amazing hour and a half in Eastbourne complete with a brief and predicted power-cut. That was a proper summer thunderstorm complete with loud booming gun shot thunder, anvil crawlers and very intense rainfall and this time it actually made landfall! Some amazing CG forked lightning which I have not seen as bright or as close for many years. After last year's strobe sheet lightning storm this was a different and very welcome beast. I hope other got to see and hear it. I saw the CB cloud responsible forming to my SW just before I sat down to watch Brian Cox on BBC2.
  15. OMG What a storm - hail torrential rain- where the hell did this come from? Its insane and unexpected - flabbergasted
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