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  1. North Sea clag - how I detest thee!

  2. I want winter to be over now, had enough!

  3. Yippee - booked chill out week in Madeira!

  4. How strange that my twitter status stopped updating 14th November - just saying

  5. More than anything I do hate it when people Tweet a question, you reply and they don't bother to acknowledge that you 've replied. grrrr

  6. RT @tobiefysh: Very good question by students at Mac store: Aren't Macs just for people who have too much money and like showing off?

  7. Fantastic fireworks at Hunstanton tonight and now the sky is filled with Chinese lanterns, wonder how many think they are UFOs

  8. RT @tobiefysh: @jgyap57: @kassthelass Only just seen this, answer = Tobie! << what have I done now????

  9. Well, entertaining as this all is, a good book and a duvet calls night all and thankyou for the excellent company and good laughs 2nite

  10. RT @PinkConnectNfk Check out my Pumpkins. Think I missed my calling. http://moby.to/bwaxht< brill



      would you like to rephrase that statement. L.O.L

  11. RT @GrahamTownsend Great people to follow #ff @jgyap57 @h15nsx @SRoadley < thanks Sharon! see the auto Tweet still works lol

  12. Wish I was back here, it was 30 in the shade http://twitpic.com/313liq

  13. RT @HillingtonSq: If you want to see what's happening at Hillington Square in Kings Lynn, then have a look here http://bit.ly/8XUVxn Pls RT

  14. Ho hum, after a brilliant few days in York it's back to the treadmill tomorrow. Do I really have to

  15. I'm at Spar (Dersingham, King's Lynn). http://4sq.com/9cV9z0

  16. Been on a ghost walk in York, rather memorable for the complete lack of ghosts but highly entertaining guide

  17. Last day of the working week today, now for a 5-day weekend, just the way it should be

  18. Have just found the perfect cure for insomnia - England vs Montenegro , I demand a refund!

    1. andy_leics22


      LOL, I support England and I love football but I don't normally watch qualifiers for that reason =p

  19. RT @markbnorwich I'm sure that #xfactor is better reading the comments here than actually watching it :-0 < couldn't agree more

  20. RT @markbnorwich: @YourfirstPA Why does leaving rings off make your hands feel so odd? Same here.<

  21. RT @newsmary: No more @edpmary. I've changed my Twitter name, because I'm leaving the EDP: < you'll be living the dream, well doneîŸîŸîŸ

  22. Tesco car park Kings lynn total gridlock not moved for 20 mins Grrrrrrr

  23. RT @karen_plane: Blaaady hell it's cold here :(< twas 24 on Weds now freezing,welcome back to reality

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