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  1. 10cm at its height, couple of dodgy days getting out of the village. All gone now. A week is enough.
  2. 3" here in Dersingham, sublimating like mad in the sunnier interludes. Don't worryDelka, more to come
  3. Candice

    Apologies for the downtime

    Hi Paul - still getting MySQL errors on and off
  4. Possibly a Wash Streamer too
  5. Light snizzle now in Dersingham -- falling at a rate of 0.1mm per hour -- looks like our snow shield holds once again. Would have been nice to see for an hour or two.
  6. You spoke too soon, Tesco car park flooded!
  7. According to radar it's p'ing down in Hunny - some light rain in Dersingham and a lovely freshness in the air
  8. I think Thursday may give us a bit of excitement Derry
  9. Candice

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Ermmmmm- Cornwall in Ontario lol
  10. Reckon you're in with a good chance overnight
  11. Candice

    Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

    James Madden's Facebook page for calling him a **¥$^%# but then who hasn't
  12. Potential sting jet formation Jo