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  1. Yes, can confirn it is in Norwich. The wheelie bins and path out of the house I painstakingly cleared have a fresh light covering ?
  2. I'm not surprised tbh, Dan Holley reporting 18cm - 22cm in the city and it's still coming down!
  3. Hasn't stopped all morning in Norwich and still heavy. At least 8 or 9 inches I would say now!
  4. After a brief respite, coming down thick and fast again in Norwich with some heavy ones on the way too by the looks of the radar. I reckon we have had around 4 inches so far tonight.
  5. Been very heavy snow in Norwich for the last few hours - quite a few cm's already! Loving this and still coming down!! ?
  6. Well that was a surprise! Looked out of the window and we have just had a covering in Norwich - had pretty much thrown the towel in for the night!
  7. Just seen a couple of flakes blowing in the wind in Norwich. Good sign for the night as it was only a small cloud that passed over! It's starting folks....
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