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  1. Portsmouth has the best climate in the UK in my opinion. great place too, especially Southsea.
  2. Hottest temperature I've ever experienced in the UK yesterday with 36.7c in Croydon, if only the cloud hadn't moved in after 14:15! Feel like if any August is going to buck the recent trend it will be this one, its been a pretty great summer since the late June plume tbh.
  3. Very nice GFS 12z with high pressure moving in later next week.
  4. 30-31c forecasted here today, perfection. Craziest part is that today isn't even the warmest day of the heatwave!
  5. We are potentially looking at two days (Tuesday & Thursday) of hitting 30+c right on the South Coast, after having already hit it on the 29th June. That alone is impressive, but yes high 30s a serious possibility in London.
  6. BBC forecast has gone insane for next week in Paris, next week is gonna be a crazy week for sure. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2988507
  7. GFS 6z is a work of art to be hung up in the Prado or Le Louvre, nothing else to say.
  8. Very nice day today, 24c which is much higher than forecast. More of this throughout the week and I'll be very satisfied.
  9. 30c breached here. Pretty lame how there is no thunderstorms to follow this plume, but that part is pretty predictable tbh, but still a very memorable hot spell nonetheless.
  10. 45C has been surpassed in France, its astonishing how this has occured in June!
  11. Historic day across much of Southern France, a lot of all-time records tumbling.
  12. Agreed, this event has the potential to be truly historic across France, and possibly the UK as well. Such uppers warrant a memorable spell, I think Friday/Saturday are being seriously underestimated by all the forecasts.
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