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  1. Third day in a row of falling snow in Angmering, not bad for the second half of March, infact, this has surpassed March 2013 for me.
  2. Much heavier snow here in Angmering now, settling on some surfaces.
  3. Light flurries started and radar looking nice.
  4. Conditions worsening here in Portsmouth, starting to lay on the roads with a fierce wind, snow getting heavier.
  5. Mostly melted here too, bizarre considering the current temperature is still only 0.3C, but I imagine the high dewpoints and higher almost March sun is the reason why.
  6. Returning to Portsmouth tonight, meaning that I will join those in the amber warning zone for Thursday.
  7. Huge flakes now, although not settling much.
  8. Nice covering of about 2-3cms here in Angmering, I'll definitely take it, considering that 2014-2017 was so abysmal for snow other than one minor snowfall in Feb '15 that melted by lunchtime. With that said, this is definitely no historic cold spell, but still the best in five years, and Yesterday until Friday is certainly still a very cold period.
  9. GFS 12Z bringing the colder uppers in slightly earlier than the previous run.
  10. 95 Degrees

    Your top decades of music in which you lived in.

    Due to my young age I break it down into periods: 1. Late 1990s 2. Mid 2010s 3. Early 2000s 4. Mid 2000s 5. Late 2000s 6. Early 2010s
  11. 95 Degrees

    France weather

    Snow in Paris this morning! http://www.meteociel.fr/temps-reel/obs_villes.php?code2=7157
  12. 95 Degrees

    France weather

    Average high in down here in Toulouse looking like being 27C for the month, not bad for what is now September! it is also very very dry.
  13. 95 Degrees

    France weather

    Been 27+C all month here, and around 35C now, quite an experience to say the least, considering it is now Mid-September!
  14. 95 Degrees

    Summer 2016

    26.4C at 23:20, 22.3C hottest night of the decade so far in this area, recorded last July 1st, but this could be under threat.
  15. 95 Degrees

    Summer 2016

    Maxed out at 31C, the hottest day since well, exactly 10 years ago. Now Mediterranean style evening with 29.1C still.