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  1. 31.1c here, a little hazier than yesterday but still not a cloud in the sky.. yet.
  2. Truly epic heatwave on the Sussex Coast, already up to 31.1c at 11:20, the week-end was one of the hottest on record for this area, with highs at 34-35c.
  3. Seems to be becoming easier and easier to surpass 30c these days. 32c breached here and feeling scorching hot including the tiles.
  4. 26.6C in January 2018, had this spell occured a week earlier that record would've gone too.
  5. The last 4 days have been truly insane. Felt truly hot as it would during summertime. Concerns me that this is becoming more and more common though, Global Warming in effect.
  6. I'd definately rate Summer '19. Sure the first half of June was awful but we hit 30c on the South Coast during the hot spell at the end of the June, which is very rare. July was slightly warmer than average pretty much throughout with a truly historic heatwave from the 22nd-25th July. The only dissapointment was the following couple of weeks following that, but they weren't as bad as what came during the 1st half of June. Come the last two weeks of August another proper spell of heat arrived with 33C in London just a few days before the start of September. September itself was decent also and when it did turn was on the 21st was when arguably Autumn truly begins. Now of course it doesn't compare to Summer 2018 but it is unrealistic to do so, as that is among the all-tme hottest summers ever recorded. Personally I expect Summer 2020 to be cooler than the last two years only because the last truly bad summer was 8 years ago now, but hope to be wrong.
  7. It was amazing! Coming out of the Carrefour Supermarket felt similar to that feeling that you get on a hot Summer's day when that hot air hits you. However we did get pummeled by Storm Gloria last week, which produced some superb thunderstorms but also some very damaging winds.
  8. Portsmouth has the best climate in the UK in my opinion. great place too, especially Southsea.
  9. Hottest temperature I've ever experienced in the UK yesterday with 36.7c in Croydon, if only the cloud hadn't moved in after 14:15! Feel like if any August is going to buck the recent trend it will be this one, its been a pretty great summer since the late June plume tbh.
  10. Very nice GFS 12z with high pressure moving in later next week.
  11. 30-31c forecasted here today, perfection. Craziest part is that today isn't even the warmest day of the heatwave!
  12. We are potentially looking at two days (Tuesday & Thursday) of hitting 30+c right on the South Coast, after having already hit it on the 29th June. That alone is impressive, but yes high 30s a serious possibility in London.
  13. BBC forecast has gone insane for next week in Paris, next week is gonna be a crazy week for sure. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2988507
  14. GFS 6z is a work of art to be hung up in the Prado or Le Louvre, nothing else to say.
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