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  1. GFS 12Z bringing the colder uppers in slightly earlier than the previous run.
  2. Your top decades of music in which you lived in.

    Due to my young age I break it down into periods: 1. Late 1990s 2. Mid 2010s 3. Early 2000s 4. Mid 2000s 5. Late 2000s 6. Early 2010s
  3. France weather

    Snow in Paris this morning! http://www.meteociel.fr/temps-reel/obs_villes.php?code2=7157
  4. France weather

    Average high in down here in Toulouse looking like being 27C for the month, not bad for what is now September! it is also very very dry.
  5. France weather

    Been 27+C all month here, and around 35C now, quite an experience to say the least, considering it is now Mid-September!
  6. Summer 2016

    26.4C at 23:20, 22.3C hottest night of the decade so far in this area, recorded last July 1st, but this could be under threat.
  7. Summer 2016

    Maxed out at 31C, the hottest day since well, exactly 10 years ago. Now Mediterranean style evening with 29.1C still.
  8. The perfect summers day, 30C, hot sunshine and a gentle breeze, A very fitting tribute to ten years ago.
  9. 24.5C and rising, and with the cloud it feels more like 30C, summer has arrived, and more sunny hot weather to come.
  10. Summer has yet to even get going this year, but the next 4-5 days looks wonderful, Tuesday in particular looks glorious. 22C here and feeling quite humid.
  11. Summer 2016

    Truly horrendous summer we are having down here, the only saving grace is the humidity keeping it at least somewhat mild, but the relentless 30km/h wind even takes the edge off that! Temperatures have only hit 20C or higher on 3 occasions since 28th June and worst of all the cloud, it is like they have taken the South Coast and moved it 400 miles north since 2007. Long gone are the days it seems when 200+ hours of sunshine were possible in this region in July pretty much every summer month, as well as the possibility of getting multiple thunderstorms in summer. This summer isn't as bad as 2007 or 2012 but it isn't far off and is worse than pretty much any summer we had here from 1989-2006 with boring nothingness being the theme of summer these days.
  12. France weather

    27-28C in Basque France, c'est vraiment incroyable pour la saison, même ici dans Les Pays Basque!
  13. European Heatwave

    Not sure where you are reading this, but IMO there's a good chance that something similar could occur, after all, the start of July has already been one of the warmest on record across Europe, and there's no real sign of it abating either, so something like a 2003 is certainly possible, hopefully Europe is better prepared than it was in '03
  14. Another beautiful day from this week, currently sitting at 26.5C, feels stunning out there.
  15. Beautiful day still, that July record is seriously under threat, 28C here and was up in Angmering forest earlier near Arundel where it was hovering between 29-30C, really is a nice throwback to the 1989-2006 style summers. Heathrow at 36.7C, bye 2006 record.