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  1. Sure was, brought back memories of late 2010! We've done pretty well recently!
  2. Light snow 6-10pm apparently (MetO) it stopped snowing around 3.30pm here so we had a good 6 hours of falling snow today, though not accumulating to much it was nice to see it falling. We still have around 6/7cm of lying snow from overnight.
  3. Its not stopped snowing since 9.30am here, some heavy, some light, but still constant snow.
  4. New MetO warnings out for the North Midlands for snow and ice up to tomorrow lunchtime.
  5. Really heavy snow here now giant flakes. Complete fresh layer on top of the earlier snow
  6. Fair coming down now, seems to be pepping up on the radar as soon at it gets to the East Midlands
  7. Still snowing here, MetO forecasting this up to 3/4pm. Currently 1.3, DP 0.1
  8. We've got 10cm at the moment, its currently snowing moderately temp 1.3, DP 0.
  9. The snow has certainly come down here in the past few hours, hard to see the depth but everywhere looks under a decent thick blanket.
  10. Ahh memories of 2010, cost me a blummin' fortune in roof and conservatory roof repairs due to the damage when 6inch deep solid ice slid off the roof!
  11. MetO/BBC still going for heavy snow all night until 10am and light snow up to 3pm tomorrow. Snowing lighter now, 0.9 degrees, -0.6 DP, keeping positive!
  12. Pretty as a postcard here, everywhere is covered in a thin blanket of snow. Its coming down heavier now.
  13. Moderate snow here, sticking instantly.
  14. 4pm update from MetO similar to earlier forecasts for my area. Edit to add - we're currently at 0.7 degrees, clouding over after a beautiful sunny day
  15. We've also been informed of possible school closure tomorrow. Hope so
  16. BBC lunchtime forecast looking good for North Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire with the area of snow stalling for hours overnight and into the morning rush hour.
  17. Have to say I'm usually quite fortunate in my area of Nottinghamshire we often see snow - whether a good dumping or a flurry.
  18. BBC TV forecast looks very good for my area, with snow lingering all day tomorrow too.
  19. MetO now has me down for snow from 10pm and all through tomorrow, hmmm....
  20. Oops should have said MetO forecasting heavy snow for my area. Weather channel says snow from 7pm tomorrow until 5pm Wednesday :/
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