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  1. near constant snow showers here..some light some heavier 🙂
  2. snowing on and off all night...really light stuff but got a few cm..however have noticed in the last hour much bigger fat flakes. I live right near the beach and the sky is totally grey...and the wind is brutal!
  3. can anyone explain why the radar is showing pink over us but not a single thing is falling from the sky 😞
  4. well weve been under the pink here for ages but nothing more than graupal sadly
  5. My little girl had some wrapped sweets in her pocket. got home unwrapped one...and it had sand in it!!😲
  6. just been for a walk on the beach and the wind is so strong its whipping the sand up...I got blasted!
  7. yeah yesterday it was raining cats and dogs all day ...im keeping the faith I told the kids we might get to build a snowman so probs jinxed it now
  8. I really hope we do get some its so rare here to see settling snow....it cold though in these easterly winds 🥶
  9. the skegness snow shield is fully in place and working ha ha
  10. rain here in skeggy and 3c but the wind is deffo picking up a lot
  11. I know...I've watched friends on the other side of the country with loads of snow in envy! Fingers crossed from tomorrow night lots of looking out the window and radar watching for me lol
  12. I hope not I want to walk on a snowy beach at least once this year!
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