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  1. are we ready for round 2 guys amber warnings for lincolnshire now from the met office
  2. Ive never seen weather like that which we had in skeggy this morning absolutly insane. here is link to video taken two minutes away from my house this morning
  3. bigger fatter flakes falling now in skeggy and when that wind gets up its deffo blizzard material
  4. wel,l here we go guys, tonight onward we will be lamp post watching lol as I am on the coast and probably liable to see any snow first I will keep everyone updated on whats dropping from the sky tonight. Good luck lets hope lincolnshire gets a real pasting from this
  5. More fool them.I have a stack of logs lots of coal ..oh and a pub in my back garden ?? warmth and beer Im sorted lol
  6. I have a feeling us in Skegness could end up cut off a lot of the predicted snow is aiming at us. Anyone i've spoke to has dismissed it as just a bit of "cold rain" ?
  7. In the last hour or so the temp has dropped here and it is feeling notably colder with the cold wind blowing on off the sea. http://www.skegnessweather.info/trends.htm
  8. it certainly has been a fascinating period for model watching. I am learning new stuff every day from this set up.
  9. I tweeted met office earlier asking about lincs this was their reply "Hi Alison, we should be getting some weather warnings in place in the next day or two, the East of England will be receiving some snow fall so i'd advise keeping up to date with the forecast ^Mia"
  10. My daughter buses from skeggy to Alford Grammar for sixth form Ive warned her to expect a few days off...such a smile on her face. Fingers crossed eh !???❄?
  11. The bbc never ever get the weather right in skegness since dumping the met office so I don't take any notice of them anymore. I think the North Sea is going to feed those showers in and over us but we will see. I have bought extra bags of coal and wacked a few extra loaves of bread in the freezer. Hubby says that the last snow event from the east which was severe (late 90's) the town was virtually cut off. it does help that we have our own pub in the garden so if we get snowed in then its pints all round! lol
  12. I live near enough right next to the beach and am hoping for the same photo lol In the 17 years I've lived here I've never seen more than a little bit of lying snow. Fingers crossed for snowmageddon
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