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  1. Sorry but a country that votes not to be a country is not a country. I am not giving up but certainly independence is on the back burner. I am instead going to join a local campaign group to help our less fortunate citizens.
  2. SS/Bus etc. It's been an interesting journey but sadly ultimately a sad day for Scotland. I have seen no one smiling in Glasgow today. That paints a picture of a nation that is shell shocked no matter what side you are on. Some people will come to regret this decision greatly. We might never get another in our lifetime. I have been through hell and back and am feeling sick this morning , profound sadness for a nation lost. Its almost like a step back for Scotland because we voted to agree we were not a nation. We had never actually been asked if we were a nation other than at football games an
  3. Bus some people like to make excuses for some people. We know the truth. These hard line Rangers UVF people are the shame of Scotland. Dog turd as far as I am concerned. They were there to promote unionist anti catholic bigotry. Whether some people like it on here or not the Union Flag is used as a weapon of bigotry in Scotland. Its why I just can't help but feel sad and depressed when I see that flag. I know what it means up here!
  4. Heard people being turned away Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy saying they had already voted. I think it has been reported to the police. Patchy info but must be something going on.
  5. Mullender your ignorance is astounding. It's the militant salute of the anti catholic bigots. You have to understand Scotland to understand what these people are like. They are scum!
  6. Yep Bleak not sure. The strange thing is it being put up and then quickly removed! Very odd.
  7. bookie from hell says: 18 September, 2014 at 1:45 pm unsourced Leaked Edinburgh postal vote result has 58% for Yes. Both Sky and the Telegraph published the leak on their respective sites then wiped them again. Currently trying to source some screen-shots.
  8. Yes heard the stations were busy. Had a nice chat with some yes campaigners at mine. We were letting off steam about the media led assault on the yes campaign. We agreed either way we had played clean and not spread vile lies about pensions and passports. I hear there were a few people doing that last night!
  9. I can't get over the irony of Gordon Brown saying its my flag while standing next to a union flag. Someone should explain the flag of Scotland is the Saltire. The point they miss is that most Scots don't like the union flag. Brown is standing for one flag and Salmond the other.
  10. Someone had mentioned Whitehall were briefed today on convening parliament on Saturday! They would only do that after a yes vote. So to me it means they have been briefed that there is a real chance of a yes vote!
  11. Nae Balls you are a troll. But as long as it keeps you off the streets.
  12. Anyone know if there is a live feed of Salmond speech at 9pm. Hey Bus some of them are that daft they would turn up on Friday.lol
  13. What about Russia Summer? Sorry forgot they don't have oil and have bigger guns than us! We only bomb countries the US agree to and are weaker than us.
  14. A majority of British(English) agree with war in Syria. Vote no ..
  15. Burnt fish you are correct the momentum went with the SNP the last time. OK SNP went in ahead but the margin of victory was unprecedented. With 7% swings our vote is rising the no going down.
  16. No Bus haven't heard anything. Would tempting but I am working the next day. I have been putting up with a drone of negativity at work from no people. They say there is a silent majority. The ones I have met have been mostly ill informed,outspoken and disrespectful to yes voters. Today we were labeled as aggressive all of us. I give up with people like that.
  17. This is why the polls are wrong its what SS has been saying all along. Too many English in the sample: http://scotgoespop.blogspot.co.uk/
  18. This from police to press directed at no smear stories: To: News Editor Date: 17 September 2014 Subject: Independence Referendum In response to increased press reports and comment implying increased crime and disorder as a consequence of the Independence Referendum Brian Docherty, Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation said; “The Police Service of Scotland and the men and women who work in it should not be used as a political football at any time and especially so in these last few hours of the referendum campaign. As I have previously stated the referendum debate has been robu
  19. Catch isn't it the last move of any losing campaign. You can't beat the argument so play the man and crucify the people. Desperate stuff!
  20. Yep Bus propaganda in overdrive. We can't do anything about the Daily Mail. They will run a different front page in Scotland. Gutter journalism and the las time I checked we weren't voting for any party. I remember when journalism used to be considered a respectable educated profession.
  21. My nation is Scotland. Yes would not be dividing a nation it would be normalisation.
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