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  1. luvsnow

    North west regional discussion

    http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/radar2.php?region=uk&mode=1 This radar seems to be working if anyone is having problems with access.
  2. Snow sticking in Bolton - 104 msl.
  3. Snowing here and got a slight covering. Will probably be gone by morning though.
  4. luvsnow

    North West England - Weather Chat

    Just when I had given up hope of snow the roads are turning white! I thought this was going to be another huge fail - Lovely flakes of snow coming down now which is nice to see even though it will probably all melt or get washed away on Friday!
  5. luvsnow

    North West England - Weather chat

    Snowing moderately here and sticking too!
  6. luvsnow

    North West England - Weather chat

    Light snow here for about half an hour now. Starting to stick.
  7. It's snowing here now!
  8. luvsnow

    North West Regional Weather Discussion 07/01/14

    Just had heavy hail storm here and now snowing. Roads treacherous coming through Westhoughton and traffic grid - locked.