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  1. Humberto is now official, although seems to be becoming a bit of a (damp) squib from initial forecasts.
  2. The Icon would be best,/worst for us as we have to get to Jacksonville by Wed for the link flight out to Washington Dulles
  3. I think you underestimate the lack of ruggedness in today's infrastructure and equipment. Electricity and gas supplies are not prepared for anything approaching a 1963 Winter, you can no longer light a fire under your car/truck before you get it started in the mornings, and the modern transport and distribution networks fail with 2" of snow.
  4. We have been tracking West, now in the Ozarks for 2 days, and our next move is down to Louisiana and New Orleans for the weekend. The disturbance (#1)without a name out North of Haiti is slowly edging NW and will cross Florida towards the weekend where conditions look very ripe for quick development as it enters the Gulf. If nothing else, it will produce a foot of rain in some areas, and may give trump his hit in Alabama.....only 2 weeks late.
  5. Sunset over, the storm started to really get going, and as we drove back to Alamagordo, the lightning was moving closer, quick trip to Walmart, and back to Quality Inn, 5 minutes later the heavens opened. The storm was moving SE against the wind flow and crawlers, absolutely torrential rain and lightning were the order of the day for almost 2 hours. I will stitch some footage together a d post on youtube.
  6. Fantastic day here, route was Aztec to White Sands New Mexico, wasnt expecting any weather fun as the moisture from the Gulf seemed to be kicking off storms over Texas way. Lenticular clouds above Alberquerque. Arrived in Alamogordo in 90F temps and could see some convective rain drifting off the Mountains to the NW but it was going away feom us. White Sands is a beautiful area, surreal and almost silent. Some occasional lightning dropped where the rain curtains were heaviest as sunset approached. The clouds were moving NE but the lightning stayed in the same area and the clouds were back building.
  7. Some fantastic mammatus when trying to find a coffee in a small dying town.....
  8. Heading down the million dollar highway to New Mexico today, weather ahead looks interesting.
  9. Landed in Denver, and some fantastic stuff coming off the Rockies. Don't get car until tommorow though.
  10. That's Dorian in the far distance over the East Coast.
  11. Sorry, can't see the little writing on my mobile, just the icon, cant believe I fell for that!!
  12. Unless theres been some border changes , I believe Trieste is still in Italy, it was in July when I was there.
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