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  1. Quite, seeing the sun was quite a lovely experience today.....after chipping the ice off the car. even had a short cruise.
  2. bellanite Bit silly driving and videoing at the same time then posting it publicly...!
  3. Unforfunatelybits rain this time!!! Constant now since 2am, very heavy and with the front pivoting over Northants, this can only be bad news for the Ouse, Nene, Warwicks Avon, Soar etc
  4. Thankyou very much for enlightening us, I do see one or two others worked out the upside down graphs, and it does make sense.....I still think doing the press release about the daft chap taking photographs was remarkably badly timed.
  5. Still a bit wet in Venice... Live Cam Piazza San Marco - Venice WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM View of the Basilica of San Marco and the Doge's Palace, excellent vantage view to observe the acqua alta in real time Venice under water following record high tide WWW.BBC.CO.UK The mayor of Venice says he will declare a state of disaster after a high tide topped 1.87m.
  6. That's what concerns me, why was Boris drafted in to Matlock, not Sheffield, Rotherham or Doncaster. Why was it deemed to be a good time to berate some daft picture taking bloke, and why was it necessary to show Ladybower plughole working as almost normal as the valley below drowned.
  7. Yesterday saw a major flooding event in the Yorkshire side of the Pennines, it had been under Met Office warnings for days, and this certainly delivered. Meadowhall Shopping Centre should have cancelled their Christmas opening night far earlier - then nobody would have had to buy Primark pyjamas. However, in the Derwent Valley below Ladybower Reservoir, yesterday and into today, have seen record levels on the Derwent, causing loss of life, major flooding and loss of business in places like Matlock and Matlock Bath...the A6 is shut in several places, continuing down into Derby which is now experiencing its worst floods in 20 years and it hasn't peaked yet. Further down are marinas on the canals and in Shardlow itself, which can be inundated and many boats sunk as they do not normally experience rising waters. For some reason yesterday morning/lunchtime, the Ladybower sluices let over 1/2 a metre depth out of the reservoir whilst the levels were fairly stable. The levels from the hills even now after the rain front has gone havn't gone halfway back to the level the release started at yesterday 1 day gauge map maybe this was in anticipation of the forecast rain but Ladybower didnt get the worst of the rain, and the capacity is far higher than it reached yesterday in fact, it has been very well controlled in the last month 1 month gauge map and is obviously able to deal with far larger volumes on a long term basis when needed. 3 month gauge map So why was so much dumped yesterday morning/afternoon when the Derwent would have struggled to cope with the normal catchment run off as well as the lake ejection? Has the Todbrook reservoir failure at Whaley Bridge at the start of August highlighted structural issues if concrete wash wall overflows are not maintained, and is this the case at Ladybower? This wouldn't have gained as much interest if someone from the guilty management at Severn Trent hadn't tried a disinformation headline late yesterday regarding a bloke taking photographs on the plug at the height of the drought in July......why was it paramount to release it this morning.....?? Then this afternoon arranging lovely pictures on the BBC of the plug draining exactly as it should..."being well used" So who pulled the plug and then went shopping??
  8. Well Dr Who is years old and has just morphed into a lady......
  9. That's my only thought as to its occurrence, emptying to make room for the expected run off, but doing it too quickly.
  10. This is what happened at Ladybower reservoir yesterday, that's why the Derwent valley is having so many problems.
  11. only because they are dumping water out of Ladybower as fast as possible!!
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