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  1. So we looked at the weather forecast, and invited the family for a BBQ just North of Leicester on the towpath of the River Soar. It still says no rain... And is pi€€king down, feeling like a thunderstorm is going to kick off.
  2. Especially if the Low which absorbs Iisias becomes part of the action late weekend....
  3. Some lovely big towers shooting up in the Market Harborough area.
  4. Yup, we're on holiday, boating, and every MetO or GFS showing possible Summer is fantastic
  5. ......york station...with sound!! https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/england/north-yorkshire/york-railway-station.html
  6. I'm sat outside my boat not far from Junction 18 on the M1, in the last 20 minutes, we have had a strong cool breeze, no wind, and now very hot breeze from the SE. Looks like this area is slap bang in the convergence zone.
  7. Thunder heard from the Rugby direction. A few spots of rain near Daventry but most of the rain isnt making it to the surface.
  8. We were over last July to see Muse in Rome, temp topped 38 deg C for two days whilst we were there.
  9. Well, we've just got the tents up in time, now to find out how well theyve been put up!!
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