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  1. Parking Heathrow

    We now use JustPark, went from T5 for 8 days to Russia. £29. Parking was 5 minutes from terminal on a secure drive and the owner dropped us there for £5 and picked us up again afterwards for £10 ( late arrival). Brilliant service and even offered us again cup of tea when we got there ( free)
  2. Tour 1 2018

    I love the "Only Fools and Tornado Chasers" put down..... Chiono you Plonker. I have to ask are you the same Chionomaniac who does the snow patch stuff on WinterHighland??
  3. Storm Chase Live Video Streaming

    I think he just told that lady she was about to get hit. forming over him!!
  4. Cossington lock on the river Soar, came through it yestrday in glorious sunshine. The nearest lock gates are usually 7 feet above the lower water level.
  5. Been moving the boat from Loughborough towards market Harborough today, rain has been incessant since 3pm through the south side of Leicester. It was OK at first as no wind, but the wind picked up a lot in the last 2 hours and made it miserable. River soar will go back into flood tonight
  6. The wind across N.LEICESTERSHIRE has nor dropped this afternoon but risen, the last hour has been really hard work and Iv'e called it a day for boating. Lovely to see the sunshine and feel the warmth when out of the wind but bitterly cold in it.
  7. That's not level. .. ☺
  8. It was much easier to get around then, rear wheel drive BMW's hadn' been invented.
  9. Stunning structures in Northants just before sunset.
  10. Big flakes here just south of Loughborough, all the bare patches covered already and with a temp of -1.5 not going overnight.
  11. County Wexford doing well https://www.webkams.com/ireland/wexford/gorey/croghan-mountain-coolgreany-view/96173
  12. https://www.webkams.com/ireland/wexford/gorey/croghan-mountain-coolgreany-view/96173 Wexford doing well
  13. good webcam of Poole https://www.fjbhotels.co.uk/liveview/?cam=1