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    weather ,photography and canals not necessarily in that order.
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  1. It's been going for about 3 and a half hours now...
  2. Milan's skyline should be lighting up soon. Live Cam Skyline of Milan - Weather WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live Cam City Life, Bosco Verticale, Palazzo Lombardia, Torre Unicredit and Viale Zara
  3. France is starting early!! WebCam Montpellier - Ville de Montpellier WWW.MONTPELLIER.FR La Place de la Comédie à Montpellier à tout moment de la journée ou de la nuit ! Des webcams vous montrent la ville ainsi que l'activité en permanence sur les belles places...
  4. Enjoy dusseldorf.... HD Live Webcam Dortmund - Neues Stadthaus - Friedensplatz WWW.WETTER.COM lll▷ Jetzt die HD Live Webcam Dortmund - Neues Stadthaus - Friedensplatz ansehen und rund um die Uhr einen fantastischen Ausblick über Dortmund erleben.
  5. Currently watching led zepp from 1971 with side hatches wide open to see the skies light up in a 50 year tribute. If not, the boat moored opposite will be jaffa cakesed off with the noise.
  6. I actually think the Netherlands look quite fluid and exciting, unlike squarepassSouthgate England.
  7. I'm charging the drone batteries up and hoping to get some night stuff, havnt had it up there since the great storms of the first lockdown when it could go high as it wanted to as there were no planes.
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