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  1. matty40s

    Australian Weather

    Swiftly followed up by monsoon rains in Queens land. ... Flooding and rain after heatwavei
  2. I disagree, potential is the winner by, potentially a long way.
  3. You can get pads for that Steve.
  4. It should have melted by April.
  5. They get the Gilets Jaunes warnings
  6. However, will still bring the SE to a halt. Knockers posts are showing far less precipitation tomorrow than anything the models linked to on here are showing - and I know who I believe more.
  7. Two negatives make a positive, the M4 hard shoulder High.
  8. Edgeware junc 4 now - pretty heavy.
  9. well its sleet with rain in Daventry just now, the mixed layers of air aren't sure what to throw at us - I think it will be very icy in the morning over much of the country - ideal for those incoming snow showers to settle on....
  10. Interestingy while everyone is bemoaning next weeks output, tonight radar is showing not only back edge showers, its also showing some front edge snow too, as though the cold air is pushing in faster than expected, it will be interesting showing the progress as the Arpege was quite bullish on its snow possibilities for tomorrow.
  11. matty40s

    North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    What an annoying tweet/gif, no time to see what any of the charts mean or what time they represent.
  12. I think putting yourself on ignore may be taking it a bit too far...
  13. The USA weather bloggers and forecasters seem very miffed that the storm seems to be moving more to the NW than forecast. .....this is playing directly into our hands, the ECM wasn't expecting this.
  14. I thought it was UK, or is that not allowed now we are semi-Brexitised.☺ The model main thread was very funny earlier when it went into meltdown following one bad ECM , not just for the anguished many , but also the anguished others who came along and said "don't take one run as gospel"...in 97 different ways.