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  1. Whilst i agree it is counter productive and rather pointless now - animal practises were to blame, but it is their country, their culture and i respect that, it is our own fault, we should stipulate to other countries and countries with such practices that while we will not interfere in their internal politics, but we will restrict travel between these countries and the UK - it is this liberalisation and unnecessary free movement of people that is to blame.
  2. I don't know because these threads weren't around then were they? - or i wasn't on them any how
  3. Also i think complacency will play a part in the spread more than outright malice or lack of good will from other people, which is understandable after the hyperbole over BSE, Bird Flu, Aids, Foot and Mouth, now we have a real killer - its like the boy who cried wolf.
  4. How??? - If its game over then someone standing round my bed asking me if i am ok (risking their own life in the process) isn't going to cut it for me if i know i am going to die.
  5. So we are absolutely buggered then - knew it all along, this really does have the hallmarks of something very suspicious indeed - told people all along - this is armageddon
  6. Anyone who has had it and survives it are in a better position than any of us, i am guessing they might then be immune to it - so while everyone else is scared to go anywhere and do anything they will have a massive advantage, they can go to work and 'choose' their job and dictate labour market while everyone else is staying at home, they can also start charging for delivering stuff to people who don't want to leave their houses and are panic buying - You will be able to fill your boots in a few months time.
  7. @sundog Perhaps he might have had a stomach bug and followd thru
  8. Yes, there are no ensemble GEFS runs that give that now right out past D10 and only about 3 even in FI.
  9. Unfortunately - it gets very boring after that though - just what we don't want.
  10. Yes but people would still go out then and would interact - houses covered would mean no choice but to stay in!
  11. I wish they would do it soon and in a very short space of time.
  12. I do actually - and flashwipe items i buy as i am so sceceptible to these flu / flu /cold like viruses, tesco has now dropped the 'anti-bacterial' bit from its handwipes so no longer know whether they are effective or not.
  13. Unless of course you had record breaking snow depths like 3 metres over the whole country which lasted months and it was modelled well out, in that case everyone would have time to stock up and no one would be able to get out of their house for months otherwise they would suffocate, so spread would stop, that would be my ideal scenario.
  14. I am exactly the same but have been now told they are absolutely useless.
  15. Do we now have the legal right to actually shut down travel now we have left the EU, or won't that apply until the ful withdrawal later this year? Just thinking in case this gets really bad so we can just shut down airports and the channel tunnel.
  16. Would certainly stop unnecessary travel like people shantying it up in Ibiza, the same people who whilst trying to stop people making totally unavoidable travel in cars to work everyday based on what it can do to the environment are travelling on non-taxed aviation fuel.
  17. You don't want to go then if that came off - save your iceland for when its crap here - that would be a stonker for Northern Ireland - and particularly for your part, massively exposed to a Northerly plus inshore waters - streamers galore.
  18. Yes - ship sailed now - i am more looking at the prospects of a Greeny in FI -something like these uppers with a developing wave in the flow will suit me fine.
  19. I must be a country mile behind in EWP - if i remember right i have gone really low the last 2 months. EDIT : If i could somehow get over the line in CET though i would be back in that race.
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