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  1. Cheers - yes i over estimated that deluge the other day i think, either way i am not going to be far off i suppose.
  2. Its looking like i could now bust on the low side when i wouldnt have thought possible a week ago - could end up 75mm now, a right deluge the next few days.
  3. change please - 16c and 75mm please. final entry definitely.
  4. anyone for a game of dumbed down poor mans baseball?
  5. Why have the met office issued an 'Extreme' heat warning for 33c when ive known them not issue any warning at all for higher.
  6. Gonna try something a bit different here - going in really early - doubt it will be final entry but hope it will. 16.8c and 90mm please.
  7. I think weirpig deleted his own to be fair
  8. Change please - 17.5c and 58mm. cant see any signs of the very hot spell in the modelling i was expecting to see by now and looking wetter first half than i thought.
  9. Pope worries me because he looks like the genuinely quality player out the new boys, but if he doesn't get runs at 5, he wont further up. the rest are average journeymen who just won't cut it at international level in any form of the game.
  10. But New zealand have their players playing IPL as well, they can belt it but it doesn't stop them producing good test players, Williamson transitions from constructing an innings in tests to then being a finisher for Sunrisers Hyderabad.
  11. Ruthless German efficiency again - Brits work to live - Germans live to work - klopp 2 years ago - tuchel now.
  12. yes if werner could finish................... had a feeling chelsea might do it tbf.
  13. 16.1c and 61mm please. Not sure about these hideously low ones - they really are a leap of faith, i am by no means confident with my forecast but looking highly likely to be around that after 10 days, so with an ascending month im going for stable right the way through, fourteens are not out the question but twelves??????
  14. Police still looking for him after Sophie Ellis Bexter was found headbutted to death at the French World cup teams hotel in 2006 in Germany, they say it was murder on zidane's floor.
  15. I think it will be over 10c now, possibly 10.3c, still nowhere near my 11.3 though.
  16. Its a long shot but not completely out the equation that it could be the wettest May on record. This current deluge could take it to 100mm (nearly 2 thirds of the record) with 2/3rds of the month gone.
  17. 2 well above average days the weekend according to this - 2 x 13c days.
  18. Yes, its just that this month it just happens that it is likely to be the omnipresent trough as opposed to the ridge last month, i can see a whole year of spells of extremes coming up, i went for above average rain this month, now i am beginning to think my 80 odd mm will bust well on the low side, could be one of the wettest May's on record
  19. hope so as i have gone 11.3 but the average temps look to kick in much earlier this month so they wont be diluted as much, it will lift the cet to average levels by about the 20th i think, you can pretty muuch rule out these kind of temps happening post 20th but you can't rule out very warm, hot or even very hot in the south.
  20. I think we can safely rule out anything below 10c already now, looking at somewhere above the high 11's , possibly into the 13's if a late heatwave materialises. EDIT : as for 5.9, that usually busts on the low side for December and sometimes Jan these days, never mind may.
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