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  1. Avery's forecast must be based on what you said about flatter atlantic on eps although the way he worded it suggests timing difference there.
  2. I would have to say I would agree with him up until next Thursday looking at the models, howerver I would phrase it differently, I am concerned when we don't get disruptive snowfall rather than when we do!
  3. They can deliver but usually to deliver big dumpings they need lower 500mb and a strong flow advancing the cold westwards, this is a glancing blow -hope you do get some - like I say you should see something but cant see you getting a right dumping. at the end of next week different story, more potential plus given the timeframe more room for upgrades too.
  4. The high to the west is causing the frontal systems to lose intensity surely - the PPN is just gonna fizzle out - look at the upper profile on the models - the low heights just practically filling, not enough oomph - you need a proper slider.
  5. Decaying occluded frontal systems being eroded by high pressure giving very light and patchy precipitation dying out.
  6. People have been ramping Tuesday as something special, IMBY as I keep on saying has nothing to do with it as ive said many a time I prefer potent Easterlies to these battlegrounds, I will probably see moore snow than you by Tuesday evening so how can it be IMBY, all anywhere in the SE will see by Tuesday are dustings and one inchers.
  7. Oh the next 5 days have been massively over hyped but I still wouldn't rule out over the course of the next few weeks, us seeing the most significant cold spell since 2010.
  8. ECM about to show what I always thought - forget Tuesday, the real fun starts end of next week and beyond.
  9. No, we don't want that at all!!! Except over the pole in the stratosphere.
  10. Satisfied with next week but to say you cant get better than next week is wrong - week 1 of feb 1991 - week 4 of Nov 2010, week 1 of feb 2009 and week 2 /3 of jan 87 would all beat it, Ian fergusson says Tuesday is now a few cm's - you can get a lot better than a few cm's. These troughs dropping down in the next 10 days are tending to get weaker nearer the time, we aren't talking about very active weather fronts here.
  11. agree but the milder cluster might just bring average weather.
  12. Im thinking that the SSW looks less pronounced signal (and more East) on the EPS than GEFS but that wouldn't be affecting the D10/11 charts, possibly the 15 at a push.