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  1. Autumn thoughts

    Yes only a tiny bit brown, reason I know its been wet because of my betting on cricket matches being abandoned was succesfull this summer, I don't mind moderate rain in summer, its very heavy rain I hate because I hate coats in summer and still t-shirt it unless torrential. its sun and heat I really hate though.
  2. Autumn thoughts

    We have had enough over the course of summer over the whole of Britain, we could do with some snow now!
  3. Anomaly I think you mean, the mean not so good, what you have to remember is over Greenland the default pattern tends to be below average pressure / heights (unfortunately) so you need really strong +ve anomalies and low ones to either the south or east of the UK.
  4. First one of the new season - BULLSEYE!
  5. Have you ever seen a better run than the 0z CFS from 0z 9 monther on the 15th October?, run it from the start of Jan into Feb, that would be the best month of weather ever in this country.
  6. If you can get 1 month of severe cold like December then you can get 3 months of it potentially, I don't believe that global warming is significant enough to prevent that scenario yet, the time climate change will prevent it is when a straight fetch Northerly or Easterly has the uppers so significantly modified that it is marginal, a long way to go for that yet if indeed it happens at all, proper synoptics will still deliver BUT do I think it will happen this winter? err no, just based on the percentage chance.
  7. Not a million miles away from a powerhouse Northerly on the GFS 12z.
  8. April 1981 must have proved that incorrect for you and that was 22nd(ish) April.
  9. In GFS FI, close but no cigar - not a million miles off a nice little Northerly to get the new season underway. That's the problem early in the season, the sea is too warm still so as soon as cold air starts to make its way over warm seas, shortwave development seems to scupper it.
  10. Whats the NMME? and is it any good?
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    Heard about the dyslexic American meteorologist? he's been forecasting disruption, devastation and flooding from strong winds to the US due to a spurs centre-forward all autumn.
  12. But what exactly is so good about the EU and particularly surrendering powers to it.
  13. Yes, id already watched Gav's update, I actually don't mind ENSO neutral, anything but strong ENSO signal either way, however, I think what's more important is that wretched +PDO signal is looking like rearing its ugly head sending the jet on a southerly track in the states and then subsequently exploding off the Eastern seaboard again, wondering if it will take a really strong Nina to change this once and for all.
  14. Would tie in with a nina, a front loaded winter, although the nina forecasts have somewhat lowered in strength now.
  15. Where has all 4 seasons?

    Yes, the thing as well, its not just snow grains like Siberia sometimes, its nearly as cold as Siberia so no problems with marginality but its also a right ol tonking as well as been regular/