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  1. Although tbf it is supported to a certain extent on the GEFS with a cold clustering, here's to a cold showery outbreak and hopefully 15c maxes in summer with slate grey skies and a raw nagging breeze.
  2. Not enough EPS members back the actual depth of cold showing on the op judging by the mean to be confident of another potent cold spell though unfortunately.
  3. I think barring an 81 redux (which is statistically even rarer than episodes like 47 and 63), I think its time to accept that the closed season is now upon us and retire from the thread, at least we now know that the second attempt at contemporary winter theory has failed and we can get big easterlies again, i told you all that we just needed a reduction in solar activity and it would come eventually, here's to a cool showery 15c July and August while we wait for business to resume later in the year again.
  4. And even at altitude it now looks like rain will quickly wash it away.
  5. The angle of the low looks all wrong to me - even in the middle of winter, I was actually surprised to see some of the snow totals being predicted by models and forecasting organisations.
  6. The good news for you also is tomorrows snow 'event' looks very limited now, this is my model of choice and when you only get thin slithers of pink on the PPN type charts with battlegrounds, regardless of the exact position of the pink, it usually signifies a 1000ft+ event only.
  7. Another reload - 12z GFS is a corker.
  8. The Icon 18z is an absolute stormer - southerly tracking jet continuation.
  9. I wonder if we can pull down some cold air from the NE into the trough as we go into late April giving us a repeat of 81.
  10. Agree, but its inevitable that its going to warm up sometime, this is well into April, I still wouldn't rule out another cold spell before April is out either but of course naturally its generally going to be warmer as time passes now, because we are further into spring, plus we are coming off a very low base in terms of more warmer weather with 2 beasts in March and now Mondays frontal snow event.
  11. After Mondays bedlam the GFS then proceeds with a N'ly.
  12. Poor 18z suite so far, everything further North.
  13. Whether there's a lack of input data or not, there certainly is a lack of output data at ECMWF tonight, cant recall it ever being this late before.
  14. YES WOW, I didn't see that one coming!! Because its a stonker for cold and snow.