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  1. Not a million miles away from being significantly below average, if the core of that Sceuro troughing would just extend further south into Central Europe, Britain would be looking at seeing some of the white stuff, especially down the East and perhaps the West coast.
  2. To be fair there was an SSW in Dec 87 as well (i think) and i did get a dumping of snow in Jan 88 so that was not as bad a winter for me as others although probably not relevant in this thread as i am not sure at all it was related to the stratosphere.
  3. Unfortunately that is Dec 1987 not Jan 1987.
  4. Looking like a slight upgrade as well on the GEFS in the early stages of the run in terms of the chances of a Northerly.
  5. Yes - don;t like the way the ensembles have downgraded the strat warming though.
  6. Ironically not quite as warm in the stratosphere this GFS run but a nice Northerly showing up a the surface.
  7. Have to wait for the overnight ens suites before dismissing it completely then.
  8. BOOM! - Iconic start to the day with a powerhouse Northerly.
  9. What about the op, is the current version or previous version better? are there actually any verification stats for the strat available?
  10. If anything the signal slightly strengthens on the 18z GEFS compared to the 12.
  11. Based previous experience over the last decade, if this were the old GFS, based on the consistency and the temperatures i am seeing, i would certainly be saying that an SSW would be somewhere between highly likely and nailed on.
  12. I reckon i would be ok with a Normal coat, i doubt even my loathing of heat would help me to do my t-shirt job in that though, i have worn just a t-shirt with below freezing temps and a significant windchill before but doubt i could do -30c.
  13. @knocker I actually don't like the clusters the way they come out, you cannot tell all that much sometimes, instead of having one representative on a D13 or whatever chart, i think it should be the mean of each cluster if you get me, because as they are they are effectively trying decipher too much detail at a given timeframe, also shoud perhaps be a range of days on each cluster as well.
  14. True, but does look like the ridge collapses too quick in the extended for potent N'lies on many members but as you say topplers very possible.
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