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  1. Clusters are decent out to around 300 although taper off a bit right at the end.
  2. Oh i would absolutely settle for month end, i just sense though that the eps need to start upgrading for that to become evident, dont forget the end of the ensemble suites takes us nearly to month end now, however though, even if we get a number of failures, another chance wont be long coming along.
  3. Yes, kind of feel that we are on a hiding to nothing tonight (presuming the eps 10-15 are not spectacular), we cant really make any big steps forward until the EPS / OP come out tomorrow, but we could make a big step back though if the GFS / GEFS downgrade significantly.
  4. YEs i have to say i was happy but stunned how this has all just suddenly unfolded.
  5. EPS - whilst obviously still good for the time of year - dont look to be playing ball re- those riduculous runs.
  6. He fights again on 7th December, i wish he'd fight Khan - Oh wait a minute thats kell brook isnt it.
  7. So can i, but i can also see it not doing that, both are possibilities.
  8. TBH the most important thing left today in the modelling is the EPS.
  9. All roads lead to glory, watch the trough about to drop at 300 on the GFS.
  10. Griceland gives less chance of the wishbone effect, but then again your best chance could be with a channel runner, which can happen with either.
  11. Yes, retro definitely shaping up nicely - 80s run coming up here.