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  1. October - estimated landing date uncertain,
  2. P7 even better - a band of snow moving down the pennines. 0c breached on London eps graph.
  3. A fairly potent N'ly on the GFS 18z. Get set - its coming! Been telling you all for weeks, trust me, there is going to be some very severe weather over the next few months of allsorts, something for everyone - all types of severe weather fans.
  4. I don't wish to be morbid, but if the ECM 12z is correct, you could well snuff it on sunday.
  5. But the fact that its showing such a large -ve anomaly suggests a favourable pattern is there where as the default pattern produces mild gunk in October, that said, I am not massively convinced that it necessarily means it will be repeated in Nov or Dec either so you do have a point but I am not convinced we are going to get an SSW on the scale of last year so on balance I would prefer a slow start for the vortex with ridges being thown up towards Greenland.
  6. The CFS on almost every run for the last 20 or 30 has shown a below average 850hpa mean profile for October, and most have shown between -2c and -4c anomaly.
  7. True but 0ct 2008 was a precursor to something else later that winter.
  8. Gusts around 70mph for South Wales.
  9. Some remarkable charts showing for early October.
  10. I must say although a more settled spell is likely after the storms, there is a very strong signal for an At;antic ridge, possibly even something more promising for cold than that, and its likely that winds will come from a quadrant North of West so still showers for NW exposed places.
  11. feb1991blizzard

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    Must applaud the Met Office here, I thought this would go the same way as the one the other day, not saying there couldn't be strong winds but didn't see fatalities and severe disruption at the level it has occurred.
  12. HERE IS THE FULL DESCRIPTION. During Sunday there is the potential for a deep area of low pressure to develop and track over the UK bringing a spell of very strong winds and heavy rain. At this stage developments are very uncertain but there is a small chance of disruptive winds developing with parts of England and Wales currently looking most at risk. Any strong winds should gradually clear eastwards early on Monday with more settled conditions looking likely to follow next week
  13. Only mentions slight risk of loss of life due to flying debris so they cant think its as bad as the near term storms.
  14. There's an even better storm at 264 just south of Newfoundland, damaging gusts.
  15. Support really gathering pace now for some big convective snow showers N'ly / NE'ly this Autumn.