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  1. Just as a side issue from the Amplification (or none as we head through xmas), I was having a debate the other day about the changes made to ensembles and that I had noticed that more amplified members seem to pop up in the first 10 GEFS pertubations (particularly wrt easterlies), 6z is a classic example.
  2. What did you end up with? BTW the BBC forecast earlier in the day showed -10c tomorrow night here.
  3. Worst models out of the hi-res were the Icon and the NMM, I'm sure I saw the NMM have it way to the south at one point and the Icon consistently modelled it too far North, a lot had it slightly too far North a few daysout but Most models were pretty decent once it got within 24 hours I think, you cant expect them to be accurate to the nearest mile, 10-20 miles isn't that bad IMO, and theres no way you can get the snow-rain line 100% right because of varying local topography.
  4. Most striking point of note on the extended EPS is the re-emergence of the Euro -ve anomaly - expect a better London graph later.
  5. Have a feeling it may be a while to get a trigger to help fire the bullet though.
  6. The thing is with warnings, when you are only just inside the boundary, there's always a risk of either not getting the full effect of whatever type of severe weather it is or worse still, the warning actually disappearing from your location, ive noticed this, never count your chickens until you are well within a fairly high level warning with only hours to go.
  7. Again, if the BBC warning graphic has Greater Manchester involved in the amber warning then its definitely out of date, the met Office updated one today has the amber further south and the yellow about 40 miles or 60 miles further North but the text says northern most areas in the yellow might get little or no snow.
  8. The bottom chart is out of date now, it gets nowhere near my location until around 9am (and maybe not even at all in any relevant intensity), where as that chart has it dumping me at 6am until after midday.
  9. And Just before dawn at the purpling of the sky, a snowflake from heaven just fell to the ground and the chaos began once again.
  10. I'm already sacking this and the medium term of as a bad job, I'm looking a long way up now to get some spiritual uplift, no I'm not going to suddenly start going to church, I'm talking about this.
  11. Yes, they've hit me and theres more in Oldham because its further west but not heavy enough here to cause any accumulations yet.
  12. Thanks, is that the latest though, the reason I wanted to know is because before the Euro4 updated there was still heavy snow forecast much further north, so was thinking on the basis that if they were still looking at heavy snow, then we still would have some leeway wrt south corrections, I always like leeway but its gone downhill and we haven't got any now.
  13. for today? yes mine has as well.