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  1. Manchester is far worse than Birmingham for snow - its much less elevation and sheltered by big hills here to the East.
  2. Yes agree Steve - ECM is a stonker, looks like blocking after day 10, if the ensembles flip back in the d13-15 range then game on again.
  3. Still plenty of chances in the current modelling for snow before these 2 weeks are up of course.
  4. Look at the pattern, this always happens, you can see it going pseudo zonal - its a telltale sign of previous failed scandi high's,
  5. Thats the GEFS and EPS trending milder at the end now, expect the 30 dayer to dropthe E'ly or NE wording either today or tomorrow.
  6. I honestly don't do it to annoy people, a couple of inches of slush just doesn't float my boat anymore, granted i would take it over warm weather all day, all year, but proper events are the things that give me a buzz.
  7. Lets hope the GFS is an outlier and the Easterly can gain in support on the GEFS 18z suite.
  8. you should have checked them all at 360, seen as thats the point in the run that has a mean Easterly!!!!!
  9. Hello! Hello - what do we have here on the GEFS, is this the first signs of the Easterly arriving in the extended.
  10. Its a good run this, but too reliant on the track of that shortwave to have any confidence in it.
  11. Not impressed with the overnight runs myself, everything toned down wrt N'lies and FI potential for a big freeze gone.
  12. They will always die a death with a NW flow - we are sheltered by Rossendale, its only when the wind switches WNW that we get belted, but its unusual to not have a mild sector in that scenario so its always rain!!
  13. Yes, sliders are ok but they always seem to be too far NE (rain) or too far SW (no precipitation at all). too risky for me.