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  1. Until punishment is handed out though, nothing will change, like most things.
  2. Can see Yarde pulling it off tonight, he has all the tools to beat Kovalev IMO, Durability, Stamina, Doesn't load up and waste energy, not got super fast movement but very decent and adequate enough to beat Kovalev IMO, obviously you cannot judge chin until tested by a world class opponent but i have a feeling he has a good one as well. The only thing that will stop him being a great IMO is another British light heavyweight in Joshua Bhuatsi, i can see Britain having a big say in this division for a long time.
  3. Odds now suggest its 65/35 % Australia - i would still suggest its nearer to 85/15, once one gets out, the odds will collapse.
  4. Yes - and the other week when i suggested that more humans breathing out CO2 can contribute to climate change, i was poo-pooed as its such a tiny amount, i think you can guess those same people's views if suddenly its suggested that more cows' methane will contribute to the problem, you won't win - i have given up a long while ago.
  5. Watching the football sxores right now and will be till close, apart from brief switchovers, im looking at the odds in the cricket and praying not to see a big swing towards aussies!
  6. Ok - fair enough, i still think though that to blame aussies coming over here playing in county cricket though would be a poor excuse for not producing any openers. Sport (along with probably the health service) is one area that you cannot argue that generally people from far afield have massively benefited our country, i mean imagine if there were no foreigners in the Premier League now, You would have 1 world class striker, no world class midfielders and arguably one world class Centre half.
  7. That's bad news though, as Gough said, he is some bloke that just won a competition to play for England, so now because of Burns's 100 as well, we now have 2 inept top order players that will now be guaranteed a place for the next 3 years dining out on a couple of hours of occupying the crease, thus preventing anyone who does come through gaining a chance.
  8. Not being funny but would that not have precluded Jofra Archer from ever playing county cricket, thus we would be a serious pace bowler light now as well as some decent openers and a decent spinner.
  9. Yes - always said that, i never see the point of those indices when looking for cold Uk weather, you are better off just looking at the generic charts to see exactly what synoptics are on offer, you can have off the scale -NAO's that deliver not one flake to the UK, but you can have slightly negative ones with just small wedges of just above average over iceland that deliver a right old beast.
  10. Is that showing a 0.5 correlation with +NAO and UK winter warmth or 0.5 degrees C warmer with a +NAO? i even so though, thats pretty standard, you would expect that surely?
  11. Yes desperate fielding to go with desperate batting i am afraid.
  12. Morning - re - 62-3 - there were other factors but would bet my bottom dollar that in solar Max the outcome would be different - re- NAO - not sure really the NAO is a decadal phenomenon TBH, have never studied its relationship with the PDO in any detail, i would suggest it is negative more often in -PDO winters but nowhere near concrete.
  13. Thanks for the reply, did your study actually take into consideration exactly how active these solar cycles were as well though, as people refer to cycle 23 (i think it was around the millenium) minimum as a pretty mild period for the UK with a distinct lack of blocking but that was still fairly high solar activity for a solar minimum so i gather.
  14. True and yes they do wait too much sometimes but also don't forget, once they take 5 or 6 days to change, when they then mention 'At the end of the period xxxx weather type is likely to prevail' that could just be the evolution as there is 6 days worth of new target period, they have to try and remain as seamless as possible.
  15. Sorry - you are way off the mark there, look at what happened around 1800-1830 during solar cycles 5 and 6 and at the last solar Min, if you think climate change will totally override anything the sun does in the future then fine, that is your opinion and a perfectly acceptable one but to say right now it wont have an effect is wrong.
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