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  1. Does that mean i could possibly have an outright win? - wont do me much good yet in the annual though - too far behind in both now to have a chance of winning - just hoping for a string of fine performances to hall myself up into round about the top 10 right at the end like i did last year.
  2. followed by a right hosing and some thunder and lightening looking at the radar!
  3. Revised forecast please - changing both parameters. 17.5c and 71.1mm please.
  4. yep - not being biased but my 13.2 isn't totally gone - probably is as far as bang on the nose but very near is not. EDIT : and in fact some days are going to be 'scorcher's) - unfortunately!
  5. yes - should be on around 11.4 tomorrow then 11.6 /7 by friday - then another few days of only slight rises / stagnation then rises next monday onwards again but negated by the fact that that its near the end of month - even so IF MODELLING IS CORRECT - i say about 12.5-12.7 before corrections but 13 not completely out of the question if those 22 max's next week turn into 26-28c max's like they eventually did today.
  6. Best thing to do in that situation is - once it gives you the error first time, copy the text, then go to the thread again by way of reload, then it might already be there, if not just re-paste it in a new post.
  7. I take it there's a downward correction at the end then!!
  8. is that because you went 12.2 - i need exactly 1 degree higher and i am still not ruling myself out believe it or not - if i did get it then i could be right among the early front runners in the annual.
  9. Its gonna end up an average to above average month though.
  10. Problem is - not just for me - even for heat fans - you will either be stuck in a factory working or stuck in your house.
  11. In fact Roger on the current data 12.5+ looking pretty nailed on - keeps changing every 6 hours mind so not putting my neck on the line although would punt on that now if the compo started at this time, probably wouldn't down my 13+ guess all that much, maybe a few ticks.
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