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  1. Light Snow in Prestwick at sea level.
  2. It's beginning to look a lot like .......Easter.
  3. Been snowing for a while here. Starting to lay on most surfaces.
  4. I meant to post these on Sunday. This was after the big dig out. They also had a snow blower! Not sure if that was council or private owned. Never seen one round here before. Never got a chance to check but I imagine further up toward Whitelee would have been mental
  5. Snowing here now but no chance of lying. Bye bye snow :-(
  6. Radar says snow, reality says no. Nothing at all falling but radar loaded. Weird.
  7. I actually forgot I had taken this for you. Taken on decking out back on level snow.
  8. Can confirm moisture coming up into Ayrshire is falling as snow. Very light snow.
  9. I went for milk last night and couldn't find any in any of the local shops. They still had my pint cans of Stella though. I told the girl at the checkout I could handle milk not being available but if the beer runs out we will be in a whole other world of bother!!
  10. Cropped it. Drifts are crazy!! This is on a road.
  11. This is/was a road hedge either side. Wish I could get the photo of my daughter and friend under one of the drifts. It's a belter but too big to post.
  12. TBH only been walking up the hill above 300m. Up there the drifts are above the head. Worst I've ever seen. Not sure if fresh snow or drifting. Just mental. Down at the road might be ok. Not sure.
  13. Yes it's hitting here hard. Sorry for the lack of snow pics. Been out in the snow. Drifting here is incredible. This 2mb limit is a pita.
  14. Bit more overnight and still coming down.