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  1. Managed to catch another half inch or so. Day off today so don't need to worry about the A71 for now.
  2. There's a yellow warning for the west not sure of the eastern extent. Which is strange as my automated forecast shows less snow than yours.
  3. I'm off tomorrow so more than likely it will rain.
  4. I see you had the same pleasure I did this morning.
  5. Absolute carnage on the A71.Kiillie snow shield has also been obliterated.
  6. This next blob moving in from the WEST looks a bit more substantial. Edit: Actually looking at the current trajectory it will probably miss here Doh!
  7. Been snowing on and off here for a while. Struggling to settle though. Maybe once the sun goes down and if it turns a bit more westerly we'll get it lying.
  8. Probably about the same as the other day.
  9. Got down to -8.1 overnight. Was -7 when I left at 7am.
  10. @Hawesy Probably about right again.
  11. Covering at home, but did not have enough time to get any pics. If it keeps going I'll ask the wife to send some through.
  12. Weird coloured sky here also.
  13. Went off for 5mins. Came back on as rain.
  14. It'll all be gone by tomorrow they said. Hmmm!