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  1. As a Southerner living up in the NE, your talking alot of cobblers. Oh and when it comes to Sun, western Scotland has on average the highest amount in the UK. Please respect the forum and do your research before you comment Cheers.
  2. To be fair, most are standing by and watching how this one plays out,somets up,but what remains to be seen...forecast of PV distruption could stick it's two penneth in an all.
  3. This forum is viewable across the globe, I'm not sure "those yanks" is very appropriate...
  4. Excellent post WT,the chatter on here will change over the next 48hrs that's for certain.
  5. Spot on! I tweeted the same a couple of days ago.
  6. Supposed to be crossing the Pennines Wed, so difficult to tell if that's going to be possible from current data output.
  7. At 1460ft asl and 2nd highest village in Scotland it probably gets its fair share, I know what you mean though 😉
  8. To quote Mr Hammond..."The models are showing us one thing,whilst experience is telling us something rather different"
  9. Indeed,only someone who doesn't live here in the N.E could think we would miss snow when it's near us 😉
  10. Well he doesn't say two,or three more bud...so one last cold spell then spring. Let this winter go it's time to move on,next winter will arrive soon enough,models firming up on a mild turn now after our weekend of flurries.
  11. Schafernaker seems to agree with you Johnp...He's tweeted "One last cold snap then spring" Oh to have our hands on GLOSEA5 eh???
  12. Model Output Discussions 12z 03/05/2016

    Matthew I'm in Nunthorpe, we see anything close on 30c here it'll be a bit more than special ;-) However models showing that plume,is good for our back yard seeing warm air push up through the Vale of York/Cleveland Hills,here's hoping,today it was 7.8c at 10:30 am.
  13. No they won't, but that's the difference between model watchers,and people who study model evolutions such as Tamara,this cold event is happening the process is underway, how it happens,its intensity will become clear in time,very much the way of posters to slit wrists rather than allow themselves to feel bullish.