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  1. Looking at around the 11th for the wind to start changing direction, giving some relief to us in the N.E. (Middlesbrough) Another dull week to go yet. That'll be 1 sunny day out of 23? By the time it shifts... Remarkably stubborn weather pattern.
  2. He sees into the future like he owns it! ? May be it will be a little different this year... #lowsolaractivity
  3. Yes and it's bin day again!! They better turn out today lol I've loads for them!
  4. Poor from both beeb and met by the looks?? I only watch met you tube channel for forecast now,and they also had this as a 'just over high ground event' I'm only 150m asl. Very heavy at moment and settled easily.
  5. https://weatherandradar.com. This one,I've used it for Teeside showers this week and it's been spot on.
  6. Weather&Radar app seems happy to see precip extend from the south to our region this evening, hmmm
  7. Gutted for you mate, especially with your location!! Mind you we all want a bit of weather extremes that's our passion,but we in Teeside now have a Red Alert from the Met,and the roads are dreadfull,the hospital will be straining etc...double edged sword is our passion....
  8. Think it's fair to say we're getting a pasting now,and that thunder snow was terrific!
  9. Currently using Weather&Radar app. One of the best radars, enables tracking of showers right across North Sea. Also if you've a droid, put the radar as a widget on one of your home screens. https://www.weatherandradar.com
  10. 5 inches -3c on my station, Nunthorpe Middlesbrough. Looks stunning out there at the moment.
  11. Indeed. Nice to see the feature earlier shown to head in the direction of Hull, now heading straight towards Teeside later this evening.
  12. Notice how the temp as fallen away since about 2pm though?? Think the mixing out of slightly milder air has been a little delayed around the Boro area.
  13. Yep, that's probably the 'warmer' air just above the surface of the North Sea pushing in, that will soon mix out. Just before change in wind direction, and clear sky at 18:30 it was -1.5 now +1. It'll drop again ?
  14. Patience Jedi,keep your eye on the low pressure system that may push into your area in around about a weeks time. ?
  15. I'm over near Stokesley and to be fair, the models would have to be showing a great deal further south at this point to put us out of the game. That is a very large cold pool, and we are a very small island in comparison. GFS is always progressive in its solutions right up to T-48hrs on some occasions. We won't miss out, but I would like to see a N.E breeze developing to get those convective showers on the go for us.
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