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  1. Had the day off uni today but Edinburgh University are opening tomorrow despite every other uni in the city remaining closed...
  2. Wow! Heaviest snow yet of this spell here Today could potentially end up being more severe than yesterday for whoever the convergence line decides to settle on.
  3. Convergence line sitting right over Edinburgh now Looks like it's moving south pretty quickly though...
  4. Looks like Edinburgh is about to get pummeled by this line of showers!
  5. Hmm not sure if it's over just yet! This stuff should affect us in Edinburgh:
  6. It's an accumulated precipitation chart for what falls between now and midnight on Friday. The red looks to be over Penicuik to me, certainly not the city centre area anyway. Saying that, the models don't seem to be dealing particularly well with the sheer number of showers actually forming...
  7. Some very intense showers just entering the firth now at a favourable angle for continued development. I'd say South Queensferry to around Grangemouth region could be really badly affected by these in 30-50 mins time.
  8. Can't even imagine... Wouldn't put too much stock in it though - pretty sure today's events weren't actually modelled that well by any mesoscale runs. Still the potential for anywhere in Central/Eastern Scotland to get pasted!
  9. A very distinct trend in latest mesoscale models to set up an intense streamer south of Edinburgh overnight: The WRF-NMM and Euro4 are showing this pretty clearly too. Would be heartbreaking for Edinburgh if it came off like that! Still scope for it to move northwards, although models seem pretty consistent on this so not too sure.
  10. Wow! Insane that you're only 7 miles from me yet have more than 4 times as much snow.
  11. That snow streamer south of Edinburgh has its eyes on Glasgow! Could be really severe there.
  12. Wow what a blizzard there was for about half an hour! Think that deposited around 2 or 3 cm. Looks like there's a snow streamer setting up just south of Edinburgh. Hoping it starts moving north! Edit: Looks like 2 snow streamers are setting up. Quite impressive how Edinburgh managed to be just between both of them
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