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  1. All a bit "meh" so far in Dundee. We missed out earlier in the year and so far the beast has only delivered about 2cm! The kids are off school so they're delighted at least! Snow now showing for the next 10 days so hopefully a case of getting lots of little snow showers, building depth rather than a single snow event.
  2. Heavier and more frequent showers now piling in across Dundee city centre. Settling more now as well. Looks like things are just starting to get warmed up/cooled down!
  3. Nice fine snow now falling in Monikie. A bit wet overnight, but covering roads and pavements so the temp must have dropped off a bit. Looking good for the rest of the day!
  4. Just north of Dundee and it's looking highly unlikely. Fairly dry, but just a couple of degrees too warm. Sorry.
  5. I'm in monikie. We also have snow! 1mm of dusting lying, but it is snow ;-)
  6. Squall just blown through here. Got very gusty very quickly. Quite a few lightning strikes towards the Sidlaws just north of Dundee as well. Looks like the next few days are going to remain interesting weather wise...
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