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  1. You do know why really though, right? You're just trolling, which I suppose is fine on the model banter thread. Enjoy it! Just try to avoid your bias on the main model thread, as your posts are usually quite informative. thanks
  2. True, although if I had to choose between Med summers or cold winters, I'd probably go for the former. I love both, but warmth and sun generally just makes the world a more pleasant place. Saying that, it wasn't too long ago that we had a foot of snow in London and a string of cold winters. With the sun now entering a dormant state, we might get a bit more luck.
  3. It's funny how different the seasons can be on such a small island. From my POV (based in London), this summer has been pretty darn good so far! Plenty of warmth and sunshine, with the odd heavy shower thrown in. Absolutely can't complain! The models seem to be showing a continuation of dry, warm weather throughout this week, with the exception of Thursday where we could get some hefty showers. Yes, they show a breakdown by the end of the week, but how often have we seen the Azores high reassert itself quickly following a slight cooler period. I'm hoping this lovely summer is follow
  4. The only reason why some think we're in for a run of cold winters is because it coincides with Solar Minimum. However, the reality is that any affect this has on our climate has been negated by climate change. Take what you can folks, because even a few grains of snow will be a thing of the past before long.
  5. So if this was predicted, the path is known, it won't bring any additional snow and probably just rain to the south... why does it have its own thread?
  6. Just walked around Crystal Palace. Certainly sounds windy, but no real substantial gusts. I'd say around 20-30mph gusts. Maybe the odd 30-40. Nothing to write home about. Bit disappointed.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but http://www.xcweather.co.uk/ uses actual observed data, so it's probably the best place to get info.
  8. Nothing of note in Central London. Raining and a bit gusty. Hoping Saturday might be a bit more interesting around these parts.
  9. ..he said, commenting on the severe weather forum of a weather enthusiasts website. Hmmm.. that's a tricky question CLH. Why on Earth would we want that??
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