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  1. ok really think the tiles issue is fixed now.. give it an f5 and all should be well
  2. I've popped in a change to the caching to fix those missing tiles - not a problem i'm getting so is very strange - if anyone with that problem could double check - a crtl + f5 on the page might help too... thanks
  3. yep and to be fair we might have to break them out of the map area anyway
  4. the problem with sticking the menu on the side is the extra scrolling for mobile. there are many buttons. Will look into making it more usable though or changing it. Menus are painful
  5. will have a think but the button is simplest especially when it comes to mobile. hoping the latest version is better performance wise - fixed some caching errors. might need a ctrl+f5 to fully refresh
  6. Update for today: Improved animation caching to reduce flashing images Added screenlock function Radar now jumps to latest time when animation stopped More options now save when saving settings more to come (will look at personal weather stations further down the line)
  7. todays bug fixes: Increased zoom level. Updated current weather colours where dark background used. Fixed Euro radar display. Improved initial load. Thanks for all the feedback. ps Unable to auto load the page into fullscreen mode - browsers prevent this happening because dodgy advert people would use it
  8. Thanks for those bugs - think I've fixed them A new ios version should be up so refresh via the testflight app thanks Karl
  9. Ta. Will figure in the morning. Probably android versions handling differently
  10. is that the latest latest version 1.0.10 fixes that or at least should do ta
  11. Makes sense to me. Will get that fixed ta
  12. are you looking closely enough squire? can you send a screenshot please - i tested in the pixel emulator and all was good. ta
  13. have fed the hamster and all seems well now - sorry for that
  14. ecmwf is kind of fixed with smoe more data and higher resolution - have still to tidy up the images a little
  15. Hi all, completely snowed under - have been looking at ecm but it's not an easy fix right now - will have to aim for tuesday...2 quite fundamental things have changed with it I'm afraid ta Karl
  16. praise be for cloud computing

  17. the non-stick system is firmly in place - unfortunately it doesnt appear to work under all circumstances yet
  18. i'm going to give the ensembles some tlc next week by writing a more advanced automated kicking system
  19. ok... what happened.... a bug in the forum software caused a complete server overload which left the server requiring a hard reboot. as it was hammering the database at the time the database experienced some minor but very difficult to trace corruptions and did not want to stay up. The database needed to be brought down from time to time for repairs and additional configuration. It actually went down when we were quieter than we have been which is why it's not a capacity related problem just annoying timing. sorry about that but here we've been on this at nights and weekends trying to get the smoothness that we have experienced for years back. unfortunately this does require occasional service restarts
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