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  1. Thanks for those bugs - think I've fixed them A new ios version should be up so refresh via the testflight app thanks Karl
  2. Ta. Will figure in the morning. Probably android versions handling differently
  3. is that the latest latest version 1.0.10 fixes that or at least should do ta
  4. Makes sense to me. Will get that fixed ta
  5. are you looking closely enough squire? can you send a screenshot please - i tested in the pixel emulator and all was good. ta
  6. have fed the hamster and all seems well now - sorry for that
  7. should be fixed... yesterday's images should be in the past
  8. ecmwf is kind of fixed with smoe more data and higher resolution - have still to tidy up the images a little
  9. Hi all, completely snowed under - have been looking at ecm but it's not an easy fix right now - will have to aim for tuesday...2 quite fundamental things have changed with it I'm afraid ta Karl
  10. praise be for cloud computing

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