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  1. Thank you CWN, that was a really useful post about model watching/interpretations 👍
  2. Now we have snow falling and settling, I hope more falls for a bit longer into the night. It looks as though the back edge isn't too far off the coast now.
  3. I think it will def be knife edge for us on the coast, sat watching the radar and waiting to see what arrives and how/if it develops on the top of Portland.
  4. It will probably be just rain/sleet today across the SW but it looks like tonight there will be some decent snow showers around on the NW flow. Even us in Weymouth/West Dorset tend to pick up the odd shower in that setup.
  5. I thought we were all done here and was expecting rain (as showing on the ppn radar)....but we have snow falling again on Portland.
  6. Freezing rain overnight on the top of Portland. Everything is sheet ice. Roads, paths, walls, front door, side of house....I've never seen anything like it before. Lethal but extraordinary to see.
  7. Beat me to it Mr Data, no travel advice, no severe weather warnings and no predicted snow depths....a much simpler time! I just wonder how the Daily Express headline writers coped.
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