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  1. Showers are fairly constant here in Boston with the odd break ,didn't think we was getting anything today so quite surprised,couple of centimetres already
  2. Snowing quite heavy here in Boston,already have a covering! Wasn't expecting that ☃️
  3. Thunder and lightning here in boston .didnt expect that !
  4. Just tweeted @liamdutton and he tells me the rain will win out later today
  5. Water stoped rising 100 m from my home .I feel so sad for the others in Boston not so lucky .stay safe people this is quite serious
  6. JBS you're a star think I'm gonna gather up some important stuff and personals and hang tight better safe than wet !
  7. im sure we will be kept informed if we should evac or not ..not quite the weather excitement i was looking for
  8. just had a phone call from the environment agency to warn of tidal surge flooding in Boston along the haven . quite concerned as i live in town about 500m from the haven . not sure how high this will be not quite sure how serious may have to move stuff and out
  9. I keep hearing return to Zonality as if we have constantly been under it
  10. As a very amateur mod watcher over the last three year's. I have noticed that weather events forcast for 5 days or more hardly ever come to the exact first conclusion. Either they fizzle out to nothing or get extended .getting extended seems to be a theme when the Atlantic strength seems to be over estimated .am I alone in thinking this if not why is this so is there a lack of data in the Atlantic or other areas ?
  11. Morning all I'm not a poster on here just a lurker. have been for the past 3 years I don't post as I feel I still have a lot to learn and would just rather take it all in and evaluate. However what does bother me is the way some posters on here say such things as no sign of anything cold for 2-3 weeks ect cmon people not one of you can say anything is nailed one way or the other 5-6 days away let alone a fortnight or more. weather is weather and will do as it pleases and not please you're will
  12. BBC still forecast very strong winds. I was just thinking to myself, do wind farms need to know in advance of storms or are they built to withstand storms and freak gusts. I know that the odd one has gone bang but in general are they ok ?
  13. Thanks for that thundery wintery showers yep January ,I dont recall it lasting all that long and yes very patchy I think
  14. I remember winter 1987 not sure of the dates.i recall going in the pub,no snow then came out about 3hrs later 8 inches of level snow ! Next morning I had a 4 mile walk to work from Boston to Kirton I climbed over a snow drift,up the side of a lorrie trailer jumped off the other side and landed on a car boot buried under the snow! This was on the main A16 road ,can anyone recall what month that would have been ? I would like a snow event like that again.
  15. Just thinking today could be the last time my thermometer gets above 20c for 6 months
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