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  1. Warning categories on Aemet - No scientific basis for this, just experience of 4 years, yellow warnings for costal effects, waves and wind tend to be overplayed I've travelled to see the waves (on Amber warning days) at good locations like Cabo de Palos only to be disappointed, very similar to a normal day at Lands end, however rainfall I find can be underplayed, an Amber risk can be quite easily turn red and huge quantities of rainfall can amount
  2. Here in Murcia early spring signs were about from mid January, the night crickets were about, some early spring flowers and daytime temps topping 20 in some favourable spots Now in early March, we are experiencing some days in the late 20's No appreciable rainfall since the two Gote Frias in the Autumn
  3. Looking from afar at my old stomping ground, not sure I've seen a wetter winter, while us in Murcia have just experienced a very warm and Dry Feb, with no significant rainfall
  4. Travelling in from sunny Spain to Birmingham International, arriving early Wednesday morning, any views on here if the airport will be closed affected
  5. 20 Degrees here today but hope my old stomping ground ( Runcorn ) gets a good pasting the set up looks good, remember a belter in Jan 1979
  6. Best ever snow set up for North Cheshire was 01 Jan 1979, a rare polar low dumped about 16 hours snow on us
  7. Driving back from Manchester on Sunday evening was typical, heavy snow settling as far as Warrington then sleet and finally heavy rain Temps went from -0.5 to 2.0, i just accept now that if i want to see cold and snow i need to move.
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