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  1. there are fresh weather warnings out for the Midlands tonight. There are non posts about it, so i take it they are a 'waste' of time?
  2. Bless you, Im still jealous! unbelievable isn't it, snow starved UK folk, jealous over 1 cm of snow!!!!
  3. and how embarrassing was the TV this morning, the usual ramping up, showing snow ploughs, for what?!!!!!!
  4. What was all the fuss about eh, days hours and even weeks of ramping discussing and talking about - this non event. W ell we should have known, it was only ever a yellow warning . Not seen an amber warning, ever! Greece get 2 m we don't even get 2mm!!!
  5. It was heavy snow here around half an hour ago. Now it appears nothing till I opened the back door and realised it is raining, light.. Looking forward for once to go to work tomorrow, Coalville always get it worse than here in Hinckley.... Saw a surprise amount of snow last weds when Hinckley never had a flake!!
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