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  1. I’ve got ice cubes in freezer well where else would I keep them up me jumper but feel free to collect I’ve got Baileys too
  2. Been dry most of the day but now it’s started to rain well drizzle
  3. Well it’s a very gusty wet day just like yesterday it’s that gusty I can not keep my windows open as they keep slamming shut
  4. I’ve got some leftover from tea proper grub is that still baffles me how they make it just like the meringue thingy ma job
  5. And that is not a euphemism
  6. Just incase we don’t get any I thought I would give you some
  7. Really cold today well I am anyway
  8. Joking glad Christmas is over
  9. Frosty morning here too looks very festive pity it’s not Christmas
  10. Still quite wild out
  11. Should have a weather warning out for gusts but I can’t seem to see any anywhere
  12. That weather is ridiculous out