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  1. Off to bed after a weird weather day not hot but not cold stiff breeze this summer seems to be part time just comes out after tea before it goes down over the houses in front blahhhhh
  2. Oh no hope your ok how did that happen
  3. You gotta love sky I pressed on fix issue with my box it then said check cables so I did then I pressed on continue it then brought up a page saying You have no satellite signal Bad weather outside? If the weather is fine try these steps again its only rained lol
  4. Looks like it will be a dvd if we don’t have a powercut lol doubt it though
  5. Don’t think there’s gonna be any thunderstorm today just rain but least I don’t have to water the plants
  6. Can’t get a satellite signal on my tv that usually happens before a storm but just had rain no thunder or lightening
  7. Belted it down here for the last 15 minutes drops of rain as big a a 10p pieces