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  1. Move on nothing too see here
  2. Snowing a bit but now sticking
  3. As in jack shitte And did not have more than a glass as I fell asleep watching the voice hahahaha
  4. And to all my weather friends your all amazing too
  5. The only bitter I am feeling is the lack of my sidekick moki
  6. We are going to get jacks motion
  7. Tonight's forecast : wine chilling in the fridge just had a cheeky swig followed by chicken in black bean sauce with egg fried rice. All the wine will be gone and I will blame that on evaporating cooling so if it does snow in the night I will no bugger all about it as I will be sozzled
  8. Well the sun was out but now its drizzle again
  9. all this rain not even hail to make things allwight