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  1. Would love a last winter cold blast Like the gfs 6z Is showing
  2. 1 out of 10 The snow we had 2 weeks before was a 6 out of 10
  3. Moderate blizzard covering rd Turning into a good event tonight so far Keep those showers coming and radar looks ok
  4. Snow depth 1.4cms Hoping for some more over night This cold spell so far for falling snow hasnt been bad But the snow showers streamers have been to light So crap for snow depth A couple of weeks ago had 2 day cold snap with 7cms
  5. Continuous moderate snow streamers setting up for London This afternoon and evening looking very good now
  6. No all nighter for me Not after last night's Unless are see a thames streamer explode into life before 12am
  7. Norwich streamer showers setting up Should be good later on for more of the nothern home counties
  8. The warnings were put in place for this reason D'Arcy was delayed Which mentioned this event was delayed
  9. If your going to have an all nighter This is the night lol Wind gusts 22mph ENE ppn building Temp - 1.8 c dew p -4.2c
  10. Should start seeing some light snow pushing in from Chelmsford first around 1am
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