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  1. ive seen light blue patches burst into greens last night and an hour ago deffo not game over for london yet
  2. hammering it down foot prints from 30 mins ago completely covered and the radar looks great
  3. radar expoding into life again in nw london 7cm snow depth they hit the m1 then balloon into green
  4. 6cms imby cant grumble really
  5. topping up nicely here last 30 mins now 4cm
  6. blob in hastings expanding big time and one in brighton and one in croydon lol
  7. heavy snow atm and all from a little blob that just balloned up from the south and theres more coming lol
  8. massive blobs coming up from the south
  9. wow !!! this is why its amber
  10. heaviest snow of the night check the radar burst into like over london and expanding
  11. just done another measurement 3.1cms still going strong atm
  12. btw the warning stops at 9am thats 8 hours away is there something else brewing that we are missing
  13. amazing what only a few miles does im only 5 miles from cricklewood and they have 1cm and im approaching 3cms
  14. really chucking it down now and not in the amber zone mouth of the thames looking great