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  1. 5cm lasted one and half days See you next november For the chase Metoffice said 6c today at 11am Its 9c Useless
  2. they sit behind a screen predict ( guess ) basically and we buy into it its very difficult to believe and not get drawn into the metoffice guess work and also looking past t144 is fun if you see the charts you wish and love to see especially regarding cold and snow chances but for myself in general I feel ive learnt a lot this winter to not take much notice of long rage predictions and to try my very best next winter not to stick to around the t144 mark anyway I will be back tommorrow morning on the 6z to look past t144
  3. A glimmer of hope 18z Game back on :j-) expect to see 387 members online by the 6z
  4. Another superb gfs 12z The chase is back on Greeny meany
  5. Very very interesting gfs 6z this morning Could be perfect timing And actually I think this be plausible Greeny high
  6. All I know is there a blob over northwest london that hasnt moved much in an hour lol
  7. Topping up nicely 4.6cm Hammering down but looks like ending soonish
  8. Hammering it down here In the zone please stall 4.3cm snow depth currently
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