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  1. I am loving the look of the models, I am off to the Lake District on Friday for a few days and the outlook looks perfect for hill walking
  2. I am off to the Lake District on Friday for a few days. The weather looks perfect for hill walking, I should be able to get some great pictures
  3. The weather has been great lately, sunny with temperatures between 17c-19c during the day is just perfect. Next week looks like it will become even warmer with temperatures into the low 20s for some areas and with no sign of much rain as high pressure dominates. Bring it on!
  4. Hi folks, nice evening here, very warm in the sunshine. This is the view from the park round the back of my house. You get a great view of the campsies from here.
  5. Hi all, not been on since we last had snaw. Cracking morning just now, lets hope we get a decent summer!
  6. Don't tell me I have to bring the bloody sledge back doon from the loft?
  7. Yes it's a great park, the animals are well looked after and have plenty of space to roam around. We were there in July 2016, the weather was hot and sunny. Later that evening we were hit by some amazing thunderstorms in Aviemore
  8. The snow from yesterday is melting away very quickly and feels not bad outside. This is great to see... Polar bear cub emerges at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park http://www.highlandwildlifepark.org.uk/news/article/14146/polar-bear-cub-emerges-at-rzss-highland-wildlife-park/
  9. Another fun unexpected afternoon sledging with my son but that’s it for this winter. I have had enough now so the sledge is going back up in the loft until next winter . I am hoping for some dry and mild weather to get the swings and trampoline back up
  10. Current conditions outside Time to go and see Navid
  11. I can’t believe the weather sometimes, I totally didn’t expect this. There was only a few patches of snow left from last week when I went to bed last night and now I have around 4 inches of fresh snow this morning. I have lost count how many days I have had snow here this winter, we are now into March and it just keeps on giving. I couldn’t get my son to school as the roads are terrible so time to go sledging again Hopefully the roads are cleared later before I go to work. I already missed two days last week and don’t want to be off again!
  12. I had to slap ma face when I opened the curtains this morning!
  13. Some pictures from the other day taken by family members in Armadale.
  14. Rain here and snow melting quite quickly. It’s been a great few days of sledging and walking in the snow but I have had my fun and so have the kids. I am hoping for some dry and sunny weather but the charts are not showing that, it looks pretty unsettled over the next couple of weeks with still some snow potential.