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  1. What a cracking day! I hired a boat at Loch Goil and went fishing with my son. We managed to catch plenty of cod and pollock with some of them a decent size. The scenery was just amazing
  2. Hi everyone! I don't think I have been on here since we last had snow. Lets hope it's another great winter with plenty of snow!
  3. The right kind of song in this weather
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I think I will just leave it as the local reservoirs are looking pretty low.
  5. I was thinking of watering my lawn just now. I read before that it can damage the grass if water it during the day when the weather is hot, is this true?
  6. The 6z GFS is unbelievable! It's looking like this very warm/hot dry weather will continue for a good while yet which is great for some of us but as @Northernlights and others have said if this spell of dry hot weather continues then it will become a serious problem for many. Hopefully we get some big showers kicking off with all this heat to give some needed rain!
  7. I am heading down to Devon and Cornwall on Sunday for 10 days and it looks like I will see more rain down there than up here in Scotland. I think it’s to turn really humid down South so hopefully if it does rain then I will see some big thunderstorms
  8. Stormeh

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Can someone let me know what it will be like in Devon and Cornwall from 1st July to 8th July. I see some showers or thunderstorms are possible. I love a good storm but I am hoping it stays dry and warm during the day
  9. Local weather station 5 mins from here reporting 31.2c and still rising. It is really uncomfortable going outside, even the kids are back indoors to get a break from it. I am not complaining though, amazing to see this kind of heat in Scotland
  10. Absolutely roasty toasty here already, I feel as though I am waking up to a holiday in Greece. My thermometer is showing 22c and is rising quickly
  11. I think I have chosen a great couple of weeks to be off work! I am absolutely loving this! Currently relaxing in the local park while the kids are playing with their friends. Going back home soon to start the BBQ and get the pool set up for the kids
  12. This mornings ECM is looking great! Dry, sunny and very warm/hot all the way through The term “it’s fkin roastin init” will be said a lot this week
  13. I had to laugh at some of the posts in the model thread. A few people are not happy because it might not get over 30c next week instead it will ONLY be mid to high twenties. I don’t understand why people want such oppressive heat. Once it hits 16c then it’s taps aff in my opinion!
  14. I hope these storms stay away from Murrayfield later when I goto see The Rolling Stones because I don't want to ask someone to gimme shelter. I know its only rock n roll and I guess you can't always get what you want but I am sure I will get plenty of satisfaction