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  1. Great! Perfect timing for my trip to Loch Fyne on Saturday and Sunday
  2. Lightning detected further south of me, heavy downpour passing through
  3. Oh that’s horrible, poor thing! Some young neds go fishing during the summer at Loch Long and leave a terrible mess behind. Today there was empty bottles of beer, food waste, fishing hooks and fishing line lying at the side of the rocks where I usually fish. It’s such a shame because it’s a really nice area. I wish they had cameras or someone patrolling the area to stop them.
  4. I decided to go fishing up at Arrochar, Loch Long. The rain stopped not long after I arrived and it was nice calm evening. Mr seal paid me a visit and was trying to steal my mackerel
  5. Pouring it down again, I was planning on going fishing later if the rain clears the west coast this afternoon.
  6. Edinburgh, the new lightning capital of the world!
  7. It’s strange to see Scotland getting so many storms this summer and SE England not getting much. Hopefully they don’t steal our snow this winter as punishment
  8. Very cool looking clouds around, thunderstorms now breaking out further south of me.
  9. Just managed to get the grass cut before this torrential downpour...
  10. It certainly is! I should have brought my inflatable kayak with me to work so I can get home tonight The streets are like rivers.
  11. The smell in the air reminds me of when I was in Florida during a thunderstorm
  12. No thunder here but the rain is unreal, water starting to leak through the roof of the work warehouse.
  13. I am at work just now in East Kilbride, will take a break soon and see if can see anything :)
  14. Took my son to the park with his scooter. The sun was shining, I checked the radar and there was nothing near here. So we walked along with no jumper or jackets on then 10 mins later... Big downpour out of nowhere, we are both soaked right through
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