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  1. Stuck in work tonight @Mr Frost so no chance Very sad news about the rail accident
  2. Unbelievable storm in Fife last night, constant thunder and lightning with hail and rain like I have never seen before. Flooding was a major problem and I got stuck for a few hours due to impassable roads.
  3. Yes @Ross B, but only just, what a night As others have said, a very unbelievable storm. I have never witnessed anything like it. Constant lightning and booming thunder . The rain and sometimes hail was unreal. I got stuck in the village I was at for a few hours as the road at each end of the place was flooded and impassable. The storm was directly above me so I didn’t manage to capture much of the lightning for a decent photograph. I recorded some video footage also which I will have to go through when I have the time. I couldn’t believe how heavy the rain was, the streets were like rivers with lots of debris across the roads. After about 2 hours me and some other cars managed to get through the flooded road. I hope there is not much damage to people’s property this morning. It was a very fun exciting evening with all the thunder and lightning but I most admit I was pretty scared when I seen the flooding.
  4. This is serious, everywhere is flooding here, can’t get passed the road I am on
  5. I have ahaha this is amazing I am near Dalgety Bay Awesome storm, totally worth the trip, constant thunder and lightning IMG_3594.MOV
  6. Haha My Mrs said I have a serious problem if I want to drive for miles just to see as she called it “a stupid bit of lightning”
  7. I was thinking about it as I am off work tonight but it will probably be a waste of time I will wait and see what happens later
  8. Does anyone know if the Edinburgh or Fife area will see anything after sunset?
  9. Great to see parts of Scotland see some incredible thunderstorms again
  10. I am glad I didn’t stay up all night waiting for nothing but rain
  11. I hope the lightning keeps up when it move across the border. Huge storm over Wales right now also.
  12. It’s about to pour down here, it’s a shame it’s only heavy rain. Very humid now so hopefully something moves up from the south later.
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