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  1. Same here, very strange. The cat is not impressed
  2. Morning all, I hope everyone is well. Plenty of beefy showers over the last few days and feeling cold. Next week looks better for drier and milder temperatures as @Mr Frost says 🙂
  3. Cracking day for a walk yesterday, it felt pleasantly warm in the sun despite the wind. Another beautiful day but as others have said, warnings out again for more heavy rain from tomorrow.
  4. Yep heavy snow here also, totally unexpected. Nice to see the roads and cars all white again 🙂
  5. Yes same here. Does anyone else feel a bit sad knowing that all this lovely snow will soon disappear? 😭 The kids have been out the last 5 days sledging and having snowball fights with friends and we have had some great walks over the last couple of days in the clear blue skies and sun making everything look beautiful in the snow. It’s been a really great winter and it’s only mid February so plenty of time left for more snow 😀
  6. Forgot to share this one from the other night while passing Buchanan Street, Glasgow. I share many of my pictures on Instagram if anyone is interested in seeing more of my pictures that I have taken over the years 🙂 @bobhphotos
  7. Some amazing temperatures being reported. My car was showing -10c on the way home from work and there was a layer of ice on the inside of the windscreen! I had a great walk around the local countryside yesterday, the weather was just perfect.
  8. Who wants more snow? 😄 Warnings out for Saturday Good chance for the Ayrshire folk who missed out in recent days 🙂
  9. Wow that was a scary drive home! My tyres had no traction at all and a few times I was struggling to get up even a small incline on the road. It’s time for a beer and for me to read through the thread to see everyone’s pics and reports from today then it’s bed time. No doubt the kids will want to go out and play again! Have fun all! 🙂
  10. Belting it down again here in EK and looks like it will be at home also judging by the radar
  11. Heavy snow shower moving through again instantly covering the road 😀
  12. All wrapped up, snacks and drinks in the bag. Let’s go on an adventure ❄️🥶
  13. A wee video clip I took at George Square last night. IMG_7346.MOV
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