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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Winds picking up here in Glasgow, not sure how bad things will get later but nothing like Bawbag from a few years back
  2. Hi all, not posted in a while. It’s getting really windy here in the Glasgow area. Not sure how bad it will get later but I wouldn’t imagine anything like Hurricane Bawbag from a few years ago
  3. Looks like the Glasgow area will see the highest temps in the UK tomorrow with maybe the chance of a thunderstorm later in the afternoon
  4. Thunderstorm to my south
  5. Yep what a night that was! I was on holiday in Aviemore, I have never witnessed a storm as big as this in Scotland. I got some good video and pics from that night. I hope somewhere in Scotland will see something similar later but I doubt it
  6. Anyone know if Scotland will see any thunderstorms tomorrow? I asked in the storm forum but can't get a answer as all the talk is about England and the SE
  7. Does anyone know if Scotland will get anything tomorrow or will it die off before anything gets here?
  8. I am down in Cornwall this week. Hopefully I get a good storm coming up from the English Channel later this week. A nighttime thunderstorm would be great
  9. Awesome, thanks! Anything above 16c is summer weather to me
  10. Hi Frosty, me and the family are heading down to Cornwall on Monday for a week. Do you think it will be sunny and warm down there? Sorry I am not the best at looking at the models. Anything will be better than the rubbish we have here in Scotland I guess
  11. Video from the storm that passed over the Aviemore area the other night
  12. Scotland - Weather Chat - Spring 2016 Onwards

    Here is the video I promised of the amazing lightning storm from the Aviemore area the other night, enjoy
  13. Scotland - Weather Chat - Spring 2016 Onwards

    Here are some pics from Aviemore last night. What a great night it was, epic thunder and lightning! I also have some great video footage that I will upload once I get home this weekend
  14. Here are some pics from what was an epic night here in the Highlands of Scotland and it looks like I am about to get more