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  1. Great analysis LS. I hope you are correct or...
  2. The cold hasn’t even arrived and people are talking about a breakdown already!
  3. I had to turn email notifications off for this thread, my phone is beeping every couple of minutes Great pictures @Benvironment
  4. Obviously it won’t turn out exactly like this but shows the potential is there for some places to get a good dumping
  5. Up on the roof? Because the snaw is that bloody deep?
  6. I don't why but I found this comment hilarious! Rust accumulations!
  7. This place is buzzing tonight! Netweather may need a bigger server or this forum is going to crash next week!
  8. Great to see you back @LomondSnowstorm I loved reading your posts on potential cold and snow events. I cant wait to hear your thoughts on next week Welcome back!
  9. Frank Zappa - Don't eat the yellow snow
  10. Where are you @More Snow, we all miss you @More Snow, please come back @More Snow. The beast from the East is coming @More Snow bringing more [email protected] Snow! @More [email protected] Snow @More [email protected] Snow @More [email protected] Snow
  11. Better stick to this thread, many of the posts in the model thread are mostly SE England related as if the rest of UK don’t exist. Someone in there said that Scotland won’t do very well lol. Perth will do very well in my opinion so have yer shovel ready
  12. In this kind of setup anything is possible. Once the cold air is in place then a few surprises can pop up and snow could fall anywhere even on Skye
  13. Navid just checked oot the 12z runs