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  1. Yes it’s a beautiful winter morning, still a covering of snow from yesterday. Nice day to wrap up warm and go for a walk in the sunshine.
  2. How do you know this? The last decent winter up here was 2010, same as down south. Last year was not bad in terms of snowfall but other than that it has been poor up here in recent years. Scotland doesn’t always get snowy cold winters, even the ski resorts sometimes struggle to get a decent amount of snow.
  3. The Euro4 was spot on today for here, no other model was showing snow for here other than the Euro4. It done very well in last years snow events up here also. The GFS looking great from Tuesday next week onwards with the snow potential pushing further south as we head into Wednesday.
  4. Just enough snow to do a bit of sledging this morning, my daughter had great fun Things are looking good as we head into next week with a better chance of more of us seeing some decent snowfall.
  5. The euro4 was spot on for my area. Most other models and forecasts were going for rain or sleet but I woke up to this... Plenty to look forward to as we head into next week with snow chances increasing for many areas
  6. The cat doesn’t seem to like the snaw Let me in, it’s too cauld!...
  7. Yes certainly didn’t expect this myself, hats off to the euro4, seems to have got it spot on for here.
  8. Really heavy snow now, big fat flakes. Time to dust down the sledges? I am glad I am off work tonight
  9. Busy in here, hope you guys get a good dumping of snow, good luck
  10. Glencoe just now Can’t wait to go here at the end of February
  11. Euro4 still looking good for the west but I wonder if It is overdoing the snow potential for the Glasgow and Ayshire areas? It is usually quite good in these situations so I hope it is correct
  12. It certainly did here, I am just south of Glasgow city centre and I couldn’t make it to work for 3 days because of the amount of snow. Hopefully we can get another dumping tomorrow night.