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  1. Loving this weather, perfect temperatures, plenty of sun, humid, but not overly so. I will take this weather all day long during the summer. Bar the deluge in June (which was needed) it has been great. I hear some people moaning (in other regional chats) of the bad summer they are having, but not here, it's been super fantastic. I have been growing a new lawn, in parts and luckily I have a water butt, but I was on my last drop before it hammered down. It's tough growing in summer, you do need the odd day of showers or rain to help grow and top up my water level, but the rainfall has been kept away from my area. Recently when showers or rain are in the forecast it never seems to materialise or are more scattered than first thought, here's hoping to a brief shower or 2 today.
  2. Not forecast at all, meant to be dry. Been at the end of that line of rain for 2-3 hours and had light rain with the odd heavier burst.
  3. Yet another dry day when rain was forecast. It seems weather forecasting is not getting any easier.
  4. What a gloroius spell of weather we are having. My water butt after being nearly full after the last lot of rain is now 5% full. I think it was topped up a tiny bit after last nights sprinkle. My newly seeded grass (only doing lawn bit by bit) needs rain and I am trying to only use recycled water to get me a new lawn...might have to use the garden tap...wife thinks i am nuts!!!
  5. All this talk of the wet stuff, and my area has seen only a light drizzle since the breakdown was due, just enough to wet the floor. Lovely weather for sitting outside.
  6. Had brief but heavy snow shower in Wallington after steady rain.
  7. Neighbours trampoline has moved 20 yards closer to their house. Squall line incoming could be really bad news. Have to stay up to now to make sure all is good. Wind howling and trees making lots of noise.
  8. I love this weather although i love any weather. Bit of wet stuff on the horizon next week but not sure how much will turn up in these parts of the country.
  9. Boring? Above average temps, one of our best starts to summer with plenty of storms in recent years and ur moaning? I hope u dobt pay for summer holidays in the sun. Or was it sarcasm?
  10. Sun all morning here. Cloud starting to bubble up but really warm....hot in the sun.
  11. Overcast but dry and you can feel the sun through the clouds so nice walking weather. Also very still (in Central London). It's quite nice having the odd day different to the last week or so and makes you appreciate the nicer days more.
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