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  1. Lovely hot day. Got to 33.4c in my kitchen/office. Who would have thought that I would need to water my grass (partly seeded last week) 3 times today. Was hoping for a drenching, instead got about 10 drops on my patio.
  2. Love this weather working from home. Sun, heat, and the rain last night which is good for the garden. Back to heat. I am ok with the heat, can sleep in any weather to be honest, and when in the depths of winter when that bone chilling wind cuts through you I will remember these days.
  3. At last rain. Looking on radar they keptmissing us all day until the last couple caught us. Not liking the back and forth buttons on radar being moved to top of page on mobile. Why change it, perfectly fine at the bottom. Looks like the advert has been moved to top as well.......wonder why?
  4. All the expectation of rain and we got 3 attempts where the ground was just about covered with raindrops yesterday - the most rain occurred in the early hours of this morning. I am sure some areas got quite a bit and I swear I saw some lightening about 10pm looking south, but when i told the kids to watch out for more, I was let down and thought I must have been seeing things.
  5. Wind warning yes, but there was no warning for the rain which i think was the main issue with Kate1, esp due to intensity.
  6. MO got today wrong so far, plenty of showers entering from the East. Just at Selhurst on train and its raining. So much for dry few days lol
  7. I think that is because they never met their leak targets. And they most probably read the express about lack of rain in the forseeable future lol
  8. It didn't take long for mother nature to balance things out. According to Hadley Data Centre, the South East averages 504 mm Jan to Sept, and this year to 29th Sept we are currently at 439 mm. Considering the dry summer/year we have had, we are not doing too bad. Nothing unusual about this year when you look at the stats. Month by month is a different story. We will have a wetter than average year, that is my bet.
  9. Yes Ben, think you mean sleet event. Tom, I for one enjoy reading your posts, not sure what occured days ago but don't let these posters ruin it for you or for us. Please keep up your posts.
  10. Good inch of rain in that lot for us. It was a good dry summer, now as Surrey says, nature will do its best to balance things out. Garden enjoying this as much as I am. Golfing friday, so this is welcome for those hardened fairways.
  11. That rain band on the radar isn't producing. Here in Central London, under the darker blues, it's dry as a bone.
  12. Lovely warm evening/night, sitting outside on patio in t-shirt and shorts after a couple of hours or so painting, one would think we are in July. Just had a tiny sprinkle, but nothing at all on radar.....? Seemed to be playing up earlier. Long may this warm spell continue.
  13. Yes same here, could play dot to dot on my garden table with the rain from last night.
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