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  1. If only there were some official stations around here!!
  2. Yes I think we are quite sheltered from NE winds whereas we get full blast SW winds. Our own little microclimate haha. On that note, not a cloud in the sky, not even a breeze at 21 degrees at 7:55. Bring on the heat!
  3. I don’t understand why no forecast can get it right for NE Ashford (Singleton, Great Chart etc.)?! All of them underestimate Tmax in the summer and overestimate in the winter. It’s currently 25 degrees according to my weather station (in the shade, at two meters and freestanding). Ashford WOW station shows 24.9 degrees. Max today according to MetO is 21 with all others showing 20 or 21. We don’t get much influenced by a sea breeze or sea temps in general here, despite what models assume. It really can’t be that hard?! Considering MetO is predicting 31 here for tomorrow, and taking into account we are usually 2-4 degrees higher than forecast... I’d say it’s going to be HOT.
  4. Nothing like last week here in Ashford but a good show either way. It’s feels positively like a Florida morning now. Had a strike in the field behind the garden with instant loud thunder which woke up the dogs so lots of coffee needed. The strike tripped the main fuse as well grrrr!
  5. Oh yeah just checked... basically storms across Kent and nothing else. But that goes in line with the convective outlook and again, depending on what model blend they use for those graphics storms won't show. She did say that in a roundabout way... but yes, not very clear.
  6. Do you mean the "rain preview" on the app/website? That's automated and not fed by the high res model so won't pick up storms that have not formed yet.
  7. 10:30 update - NICE!! http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/121664-convective-outlook-tuesday-18th-june-2019/page__pid__1084381#entry1084381 Primary Focus is the development which occurs from 15Z Onwards across the SE of England, upwards of 50,000 strikes possible through the evening and tonight (that may be an understatement) and considerable C/G action and within the cloud as well. Gloud Growth all the way up to 40,000 ft once we get the shortwave and cooling aloft above 500mbs (there is quite intense differential thermal advection occuring later today and it makes the profile of the atmosphere highly unstable) Risk of Torrential rain rates (in excess of 150mm/h and surface accumulations of 50mm in places. Small Hail and Straightline gusts exceeding 50 knts esp across the BLACK BOX AREA THIS EVENING and at FIRST TONIGHT .
  8. Best (UK) storm I've ever experienced followed a day of drizzle at 15 degrees, warm front moving up from the SW increasing temp to 21 degrees at the same time as a MCS moving in from France. Bang.
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