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  1. Ashford 1cm in 20 mins 😊
  2. Outside evening rush hour and no confidence yet whether it will be washed away by early rain in time for the morning rush hour?
  3. Tonight will be fun across most of the region. It really feels like it does an hour or so before a snow storm in the US hits... especially in Jersey near the coast. Can't beat this feeling. It's -1 here currently and quite windy. Bitter! Very rare to get this feeling in our neck of the woods. Should be chaos for rush hour but then a rapid melt. But that's not going to take away from the enjoyment tonight 🙂
  4. Just thinking generally about what people expect from snow... day off, playing in the snow, children having fun, building snowmen, snowball fights, watching the dogs play in the snow... As I said I'm quite excited about it. If it comes off it's a lame version of a US East Coast winter storm which is followed by a rapid thaw, which his nice to see in the southern part of the UK.
  5. While I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening, I don't think it's much to get excited about. Looks like heavy snow from about 8PM onwards (after rush hour which is great) continuing through most of the night, accumulating nicely up to 10cm in favoured spots just to then be topped off by rain from early morning with temps around 2 degrees. Melting mess for a few hours and then pretty much gone. Daytime highs around 5 degrees and and staying there for the foreseeable future with a frost night Sat>Sun. So instead of giving a fun snow day all this is likely to do is create chaos for Friday morning's rush hour.
  6. Frank assessment - TOMORROW NIGHT: Slushy mess, freezing over, covered by light snow showers. Mostly melted by Wed afternoon before it freezes over again. THURSDAY: Cold sleet, maybe some flakes. SATURDAY: Cold sleet, possibly a bit of snow early in the morning.
  7. Nice 20 minutes of big flakes, even settling on the patio and grass. Lovely to see new puppy chasing the flakes in the air and then trying to eat the snow off the ground 🙂
  8. Wintry showers will clear most places this evening, then clear spells overnight. Some wintry showers may persist in Kent with some accumulation possible. A widespread frost with risk of icy stretches on untreated surfaces. Winds will be light and variable. Minimum temperature -2 °C. Latest MetO forecast. Weather Channel is calling for 3-7cm in Ashford?!?
  9. Yep, finally arrived about an hour ago Steady rain, not too heavy but perfect to soak the ground. Some bright echos coming up on the radar though... hopefully not too heavy. I don't want my grass seeds washed away haha.
  10. Not one drop of rain yet in Singleton/Ashford yet it’s been raining at J9 of the M20 for an hour! Put grass seeds out earlier so I need rain!!!
  11. After a few tropical drops Ashford is back to sunshine and temp is up again. France looks very, very promising!
  12. What is the panic about? There’s nothing horrendous in any of the models. What’s wrong with barely any rain and 20-24 degrees? Yes, I’m talking SE.
  13. Not had much media attention but the highest temperature for hottest day of the year on Thursday was actually recorded in Faversham. It took a day to verify but it’s now official - 35.3 degrees beating the previously announced high temp of 35.1 recorded in Surrey. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/faversham/news/kent-records-uks-hottest-temperature-187094/
  14. Watch out Hastings to Folkestone and NE of that line.