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  1. Hi all, this is turning out to be a memorable few weeks for the lucky ones, after all cold/snow is why most of us are here and boy do we have to wait... keeping a tally now of the falls as they stack up, first 2 hung around for 2-3 weeks b4 melt. 9cm/6cm/2cm/9cm/3cm (29cm totals) regards dave (stoke)
  2. 4th fall of winter for stoke, very fortunate...
  3. Hi folks, would anyone be able to explain to me how and why the strong pacific high (pushing into the Arctic) has materialised on the recent model outputs... regards dave
  4. Hi all, rarely post as have no technical knowledge however am avid reader of this forum for many many years, Always a delight to read the intelligent interpretations of model predictions, let's not forget these models are predictive tools of events not yet occurred and not to blame if they go down another route.. For me things appear more exciting for avid coldies than since 2010/2013, posted in the regionals regarding Mondays 9cm fall followed by 6cm today (stoke) this is a rarity, normally wrong side of marginal time and again, this bodes well going into jan as Uk is nearly always
  5. Most snow here since March 2013, quite a wait and hopefully the start of a memorable spell.
  6. As always this forum is a great daily read and has been for me for many years (as a lurker ?) out of interest, it seems pretty apparent that our little islands general weather pattern (long wave pattern) is set by events far afield, has there ever been an occurrence eg where a strong block sets up home to our nw/n/ne/e where this becomes a major player, a driver in the N.H. pattern or is it always as a “consequence of” and many thanks to those who provide me with such a good read, JH, GP, Tamara, Corinthian, man with a beard, nick sussex and many more, and of course who could forge
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