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  1. thats what i was thinking, how summers used to be, takes me back, hot summer days and lingering evening storms, being spoilt tonight, sw didnt even have a met office warning! somewheres getting there ass whooped, wondering if its Dursley or there abouts?
  2. just looking at rain today wondering if its back building? think there will be more to come, loved watching it move off, could see some bright purple flashes. can still here distant rumbles.
  3. storm here in gloucester, just moving south, continual cracks now, rain and bright flashes
  4. Storm in gloucester at present. Showing on blitz just popped up heavy rain also
  5. Just woke up to constant thunder but seems to have moved away now. Evrything is still outside. Blitzortung still looking good though. We shall see what happens today
  6. looking extremeley dark to my SW now, think its going to get all of us at some point this evening. And think they will be slow moving to.
  7. Feeling tropical air outside. Very warm/moist and after asunny breezy day has soon clouded up sun has gone in. Wonder how quick it all will kick off later!
  8. Thunder and lightening in Gloucester. Huge crack just. Very dark and heavy rain.
  9. just had moderate rain here bizzarley with the sun out looking dark to my south, looks like an interesting afternoon/evening. Also watching blitzortung strikes popping up here and there.
  10. no mention of snow here or on news, just hail, police said when they arrived it was ice rink conditions. Their was heavy hail storm, maybe that was the case. Parts of the m5 still closed so if anyone travelling along that route check for updates. Its very sad, R.I.P. to the man that died. Very sad x
  11. 3 seperate accidents last night here in Gloucestershire, a lorry driver was killed, not sure about the other 2. They think it was due to the severe weather as we had hail and thunder with lightning here around the time it happened. Didnt know where else to post so put in here. See news for updates on this story.
  12. im not sure shes gone there as part of her job, she just said its turned to rain now. She messaged me on her break
  13. hi, not in papers, but just puzzled, this morning BBC weather had snow forecast, now its gone to all rain?? Yet my friend just said it was snowing where she was in wales, cant understand why they do that?
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