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  1. 12 minutes ago, Man With Beard said:

    Here in Portsmouth, got that slightly sick feeling that we could miss out completely - the ARGEPE has updated and shifted so now roughly in line with the Met Office warnings which I'm now 5 miles outside - still suggesting up to 5cm tonight here (I'd take that right now) and maybe a few more cm tomorrow - but I'm still concerned it will all be frozen rain instead.

    Really,  really pleased that it looks like the Purbeck/Bournemouth snow shield is being shattered though. Enjoy your red zone further west!

    In the same boat as you. Hoping that the hirlam is right now after putting all my eggs in the aperge basket! Think I have the same nagging doubt as you though in reality.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Smartie said:

    Very interesting, you learn something new everyday. I also keep hearing how due to the air being so dry that means no ice forming on car windscreens to scrape off etc, well funny that as scraping the ice off the windscreen is exactly what I had to do this morning before driving off lol

    I hate to be pedantic @Smartie but it doesn't get frosty but a wet windscreen can turn to ice - I know, I know it sounds daft!

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Gibby said:

    I have a Facebook Weather Page for my local area of Midsomer Norton and Radstock. I have many followers a few from afar afield as South Africa. I update it with two forecasts morning and evening with a local slant and regularly update in between using radar etc for giving an up to the minute reports of when rain, snow etc are likely to hit. The link is in my signature below.

    Unless I'm going mad I cant see your signature or the link @Gibby.

    Ignore that comment @Gibby forgot I turned sugnatures off!

  4. 1 minute ago, Purplepixii said:

    I'm enjoying the weather today, it's amusing me. Bright sunshine & warmth one minute, overcast and dandruff-like snowflakes the next. No, it's not a blizzard, nor is it settling, but there are flakes and that will do for me for now. Anything more is a bonus :yahoo:

    Same here. One minute there's not a cloud in the sky and you think that's it for the day then it clouds over and we have a few flakes. I know that's the nature of showers before anyone says anything but the contrast is quite amazing as the little purplely one has said!

  5. 3 minutes ago, knocker said:

    It is really wrong to assume that, or anything come to that. It's a very complex fluid upper pattern at the moment with no shortage of data but the detail will still be difficult to pin down but as far as I can see they are not doing a bad job. Tonight's and tomorrows wave for instance was indicated days ago,

    Perhaps I didn't word that particularly well Knocker and it wasn't meant to be a negative comment just a reflection of my own confused thinking on the matter!. I'm not having a pop at the models and I agree with you that it is a complex situation to get a handle on bearing in mind that situation is still 96 hours away. 

    My post was really about how it has warmed up (relatively speaking!) overnight with no frost but Nights King has pointed me in the right direction on that point.

    Have a good day Knocks.


  6. 20 minutes ago, Nights King said:

    What forms frost..  Moisture! What's unusual for us about an easterly continental flow.... It's bone dry! So you won't get condensation or a frost like the one your used to seeing in damp UK. 

    I assure you there is a hard frost have a look at any standing water it will be frozen. 

    Thanks Nights King. Your point is very pertinent in terms of an Easterly being an irregular event. Everything we're used to about the prevailing weather seems back to front! I have seen some Easterly's in my 54 years but I forget about the drier air as we normally associate them with snow. 

    I'm also assuming the models are struggling with the low on Friday for the very same reason - there is not as much data for this kind of situation. Looking at the fax charts and seeing the cold front moving East to West looks kind of weird.

    Anyhow, hope all is well beyond the wall and if you could bring us some snow to the South of the Kingdom it would be much appreciated.

    P.S. Please leave that ice dragon at home though!



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  7. 19 minutes ago, Dean E said:

    After this mornings wet snow (which was welcomed to see) I needed more of a snow fix. Ended up at Butser Hill which is only up the road from me to find a beautiful covering of snow!


    Amazing what a bit of elevation will do. When I left Horndean this morning I was wandering what all the fuss was about until I got to Butser on the A3 and it was really coming down!

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