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  1. No problem @Climate_Eyes starting to get a little heavier now just south of you.
  2. NW radar extra has Emma inching slightly further East perhaps parallel with the A3 corridor. Very fine light powder in Horndean.
  3. I thought that a few frames ago but it seems to be adjusting further East as we speak in line with what Chris Fawkes is saying. Keep the faith Bro!
  4. In the same boat as you. Hoping that the hirlam is right now after putting all my eggs in the aperge basket! Think I have the same nagging doubt as you though in reality.
  5. We have some bonus light snow here which is not part of the main event but good to have an aperitif before dinner!
  6. I hate to be pedantic @Smartie but it doesn't get frosty but a wet windscreen can turn to ice - I know, I know it sounds daft!
  7. I think it is called snow sublimation where moisture from the snow is extracted straight into the air without turning to water first. I stand to be corrected if I haven't explained this very well!
  8. I read somewhere today that the air is so dry that the moisture is literally sucked away from the lying snow decreasing its mass to almost nothing.
  9. Unless I'm going mad I cant see your signature or the link @Gibby. Ignore that comment @Gibby forgot I turned sugnatures off!
  10. Same here. One minute there's not a cloud in the sky and you think that's it for the day then it clouds over and we have a few flakes. I know that's the nature of showers before anyone says anything but the contrast is quite amazing as the little purplely one has said!
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