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  1. I've been pondering that too - surely if it's the most accurate then it's now showing the most favoured outcome? Or is that only when it shows what people want to see?
  2. The thing with the weather is that we can't change it - what will be will be.
  3. Minor typo there John, I believe that should be SSW. Thanks for the links.
  4. Buzz

    Hurricane Michael

    That was close!
  5. It's good that the rain will wet the soil and encourage new growth, the problem is that there's a hell of a lot of dead grass and plants around so as soon as the dry and sunny weather returns in a few days that dead grass, etc will quickly dry out and be a fire hazard once again.
  6. It's raining! At last! A few days of this and then hopefully back to the nice, dry and sunny weather. for the first time in ages I guess I'll be mowing my lawn in a couple of weeks.
  7. There's a noticeable drop in temperature as the cloud and rain approaches which would explain why the storm activity is dying down.
  8. I can report that the Carmarthen snow shield is still fully functional.
  9. For my area I've known it much colder (also cold spells that lasted for much longer) and also with far more snow. However this was the first time that I've seen drifting snow in this area for a long time - even though my area only got around 3 inches there's some very good drifts about. But, generally speaking, it was very average compared to some of the excellent blizzards that I've experienced over the past few decades.
  10. Well I've seen snow in the south at the end of April before so you never know ..........
  11. Nice one, I've been feeding the wild birds too. A shallow bowl of water is also useful (although you'll need to remove the ice from time to time).
  12. But if you warn people and nothing happens then they'll start to ignore further warnings. It's a very delicate balancing act that's made even more difficult when the prognosis is extremely uncertain - the snow from the current cold snap was very difficult to forecast with a lot of highly complicated and 'out of the ordinary' factors mixed in. Your current attacks on the Met Office and certain forecasters are totally unfair and unjustified.
  13. Check out HIRLAM: https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/hirlam.php More snow developing during the afternoon.
  14. Despite the low surface temperatures (still around -2 C in my neck of the woods) has the upper air warmed a lot or become more laden with moisture? I ask this because I still have a very strong wind here which should be causing the existing lying snow to drift, yet it's not blowing about at all (plenty of drifts formed overnight of course). There's been no freezing rain either and the snow still seems powdery. Apologies if this is vaguely off topic but given the experts who visit this thread it seemed like the best place to ask.
  15. I'm afraid that will never happen UNLESS we start to get regular, severe, prolonged cold spells.