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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Very sad, young too: https://www.joe.ie/news/accident-tipperary-603894
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    I nocied the burning smell too, I wonder what caused that? Edit: as suggested elsewhere: forest fires in Portugal and Spain.
  3. My Buddleia are still in full swing with more buds developing - have seen a nice distribution of butterflies too (Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Cabbage White, Meadow Brown, etc).
  4. Perhaps it's time to buy myself an aircon.
  5. Seems to me that they just like others to be happy. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. I'm more than happy for it to be dry, warm and very sunny, but the heat of the past few days has been a real pain.
  7. I prefer it pleasantly warm (about 20 or 21C), dry and sunny - very warm/hot weather can go hang as far as I'm concerned.
  8. There will be no lowland snow from that at any stage - maybe on the highest hills, but overall it will be rain from the get go (I'm basing this off current model output - if more frigid air is drawn into the circulation that of course helps matters a lot).
  9. I do, but they still clutter up the forum with their nonsense and, of course, some of those that are less knowledgeable then become confused or downbeat because of a few trolls/knee-jerkers.
  10. Yup, let's hope that the mods delete all of the one liner "wahhhh, not cold or snowy enough" posts. Such posters need to have their write privileges removed on the main model thread as they contribute absolutely nothing.
  11. I'm surprised that the mods don't ban the obvious trolls from posting on the main model output thread (same applies to those who knee-jerk at every single model run).
  12. It's also further proof that people should stop taking as gospel any model output that is more than 72 hours out. I guess that this evening most people will be saying how great the ECM is because it's showing what many want to in the short to medium term. I do though anticipate some moaning that 168 onwards isn't cold enough, but in the current situation that's looking much too far ahead (it's a week away for crying out loud).
  13. Indeed, the problem is that some people are NEVER satisfied and ALWAYS want more, more, MORE. Some are also trolling of course while others are genuinely going into baby-panic mode. I do think that the potential incoming weather looks great and is the best we've seen for years. The actual pattern is not yet fixed but we have a general idea of how things are going to pan out. For those that want huge amounts of snow, wait and see what turns up. Also, as myself and others have said many, many times before, stop taking the medium (and long term) forecasts as gospel. They WILL change, even a few days away. We have atlantic weather pushing up against a huge and very cold block of air, the best computers in the world cannot predict exactly how such a "battle" will pan out. Treat any model output greater than 72 hours away with a fair amount of caution - heck, in the current setup the model output is changing just 48 or 72 hours out. And ..... relax.
  14. I see that the knee-jerk reactions have been turned up to 100 by some members in the model output thread. What a surprise. I'm sure some of them are just trolling for a reaction too.