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  1. Tell me about it. Some people never learn do they?
  2. Goodness me, is it March already? And here was me thinking it was only January 4th. I guess my calendar is two months out of date .....
  3. That's a perfect summary of the situation. Year in year out it's the same and as a result of this I barely read the model thread any more, I tend to just skim over it and read the non-hyperbolic posts from the handful of experts who are brave enough to put their heads above the parapet.
  4. Looks to me like we'll just get a slightly chilly High, but that in itself is a welcome change from the interminable wind and rain.
  5. The dangler is prodocung some light to moderate snow in my area and is slightly settling, temp is +1.9C
  6. I have moderate snow, not settling, temp is 2.0C
  7. Light snow now. Temp still 1.7C
  8. Moderate snow now starting to settle on grass, wooden fence,etc but not paths or roads. Temp continues to drop, now 1.7C
  9. It's now turned to wet snow near Carmarthen, coming down steadily, not settling but temp slowly dropping (now 1.9C).
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    Very sad, young too: https://www.joe.ie/news/accident-tipperary-603894
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    I nocied the burning smell too, I wonder what caused that? Edit: as suggested elsewhere: forest fires in Portugal and Spain.
  12. My Buddleia are still in full swing with more buds developing - have seen a nice distribution of butterflies too (Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Cabbage White, Meadow Brown, etc).
  13. Perhaps it's time to buy myself an aircon.
  14. Seems to me that they just like others to be happy. Nothing wrong with that.