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  1. 27th July is two weeks away, are you seriously suggesting that the forecast for the period commencing on that date will be accurate?
  2. Big ECM? Why? Bigger than the last ECM? Slightly less small than the next one perhaps? Will the result of this ECM somehow determine the weather for the next few days irrespective of what the other models are showing? Not getting at you in particular here, it just bugs me when one run from one model is deemed to be 'big' or 'important' when it really makes no difference whatsoever. This happens far too often in the model threads. Remember, the models don't determine the weather, they just offer ideas on some possible outcomes and their reliability decreases the further out they go.
  3. And as we all know, the output for one run from one model two weeks ahead is always 100% accurate ........
  4. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick though, eh? Be grateful for whatever fine weather we can get.
  5. It's all down to personal preference - to some a 'stinker' is when there isn't wall to wall sunshine and temperatures in the upper 20's Celcius, while broken cloud, sunny intervals and temperatures in the high teens or low 20's just isn't good enough for some. Personally speaking I'm more than happy with the latter but opinions will naturally differ. I sometimes wonder if the 'profile' section on the left side should have an option for 'Preferred Weather' - it would then be easier to judge the accuracy of any forecast statements because that would depend on the poster's preference.
  6. Looking like a cold Spring may be on the cards (but will that lead to a cool Summer?). I'm sorely tempted to move to the south of France, or Spain, or Italy ......... etc. Anywhere that manages a 'proper' Summer. Sadly I would first need to win the Lottery. The UK is depressing in so many ways these days and the weather is the icing on the turd cake.
  7. That's correct, but those also occurred a little earlier in the year (January if I recall).
  8. Just when some of us are looking for Spring it looks like Winter may finally arrive ........ at this rate the UK will need to re-do which months it assigns to which seasons. Lately we seem to have: Spring - May to June Summer - July, August (if we're lucky) Autumn - September, October, November, December, January, February Winter - March, April
  9. I've never understood why some people wish for 'extreme' heat - what's so good about sweating as soon as you move, a baking car, a headache due to oppressive heat and humidity, not being able to sleep at night, and so on? 21C is perfect for me. Why do the temps need to be 28C or above? What's the benefit? It's not like winter where people understandably want really cold temps and suitable precipitation to get a good fall of long-lasting snow. But, hell, we're all different .........
  10. I do believe that some in Wales could call this event a 'damp squib' (or a damp squid if you really want to).
  11. Well for my part of Wales that was truly pathetic - very light snow for a short while, nothing settled despite low enough temps and, form looking at the radar, there's no more to come. I'm not that fussed but the forecasts were definitely showing at least 1 or 2cm for my area.
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