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  1. Another annoyance is the way the PV so soften avoids the Siberian side these days; North America's gain is so often Europe's loss nowadays. During the fabulous January 1987 event down here seventy plus fahrenheit was recorded in the Eastern US I recall. I know it is possible to get cold weather in both the Eastern US and Europe but they are rare synoptics.
  2. Until we see a definite pressure rise over the Scandinavia we'll receive little if anything wintry in the low lying South East, certainly East and South of London. Greenland highs are fine for further North but for us North Westerlies (and increasingly Northerlies too) are normally marginal at best; they tend to have too much warm air mixed in with them unless they are very deep or further towards the NE. Northerlies also have a longer sea track these days than in decades gone by due to ice melt. I am old enough to remember snow fests of the past down here including 1978-79, 1981, 1987 and 19
  3. A poor show by the BBC again for this locale (and by one remove the Meteo Group and ECM) as it has been light rain in Holland On Sea at my mother's since the first drops at 3:30 pm. Their web site is as useful as a pair of gloves on a twice convicted Saudi Arabian shoplifter. Not even a vestige of sleet. The Sisyphean quest for the first flake of snow this winter continues and I have been peregrinating between Upminster and here throughout. I
  4. I can confirm zero snow in Holland On Sea two miles from Clacton in answer to your question Certainly dew points are low enough we just need some North Sea convection. An Ice day today.
  5. Typical. A fortnight ago I was at home in Upminster and it was snowing in Holland On Sea. Today I am in Holland On Sea and it is snowing in Upminster. It must be my warm personality.
  6. Nice one mon fils. I am glad that there is another calm soul who will read the facts rather than shake his hands. Global Warming is a myth.
  7. According to a dispassionate observer of my acquaintance, and my heart and virtual bucket go out to all of those wallowing under water, from a purely empirical position no month so far this winter has approached the 218 mm of rain that fell in October 1903, and the total rainfall of November 1929, December 1929 and January 1920 was 812 mm. At the present rate, the rainfall for January, February and February, will be in the order of 650 mm; such levels are not unprecedented. Long before Prince Charles started fiddling with his green leaning cufflinks or Al Gore hove into view.
  8. Get it down you son. I've finished the effervescence and moved on to the Oloroso sherry. Things are looking grim inside and out.
  9. Nice link, I loved Roobarb as a kid! Bob Godfrey who did that boiling style animation sadly died last year. It was serendipitous that marker pens had just come out in 1973 when Grange Calvely first created the idealistic dog. And anything voiced by Richard Briers has me entranced anyway.
  10. Ha ha I understand. I've had eleven operations in four years and it's always so appreciated to have someone there for you when you get back in. I am sure it speeds up the healing process.
  11. Well speaking as someone just out of hospital myself I hope your other half makes it home safely. I am still on Tramadol nights which at least help you sleep through the wuthering outside!
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