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  1. Hi Jenny Thanks for that. ATB everyone in here.
  2. Thanks Alexis, Looks loads just inland from you on the radar
  3. Hello all, just popped in from southwest thread. Noticed Diss area seemed to had heavy snow on the radar ( orange echoes) much of the day!! Those areas must have had 10cm plus already ? Can anyone confirm how much there is about. PS thanks to you all for exporting some westward for us here in the Southwest on its way. Wish you all a nice time and enjoy it ( if you’re coldie fans of course)
  4. I’m off out in an hour or so most of the night for some snow photoshoots up on deverills. should become quite heavy up there later but I’ll not wait until 6am but prob drive back about 2-3am if I get any good shots I’ll post a couple here
  5. Hi David In your post you mention starting with the good news and then you say you will move on to the very good news but I didn’t see where that very good news started ? Why are you talking very good news just for Devon and Cornwall as it does look like that small low pressure is going to hit them quite hard but what about the rest of us further north in Somerset and Wiltshire are we likely to see any snow from this small feature tomorrow? Thanks
  6. Can’t really see where all today’s snow is supposed to move in from ? Or has it not developed yet?
  7. Wet is best my son said daddy wet amo yeyyy snowman building dry for sledging and walking in
  8. It’s good alright this snow is actually wetter but much heavier than beast. A7568643-9DEB-4BEF-8156-F7D681D4415E.MOV
  9. Band intensified very heavy snow in Frome big flakes too settling
  10. Dry here in Frome. Temp really dropping , wind picked up, very very cold feel. Over night rain almosted evaporated off the ground ground in the wind. If it snows heavy later then it could settles at ground temps fall right down too. Not really sure of our area here is due for snow as ot looks more Devon Cornwall way that most likely for persistent heavy disruptive snow. I expect we will see a few flurries for Frome Warminster Trowbridge Westbury areas .
  11. Hi david thats absolouteky brilliant thank you for all your fantastic posts in depth research and knowledge
  12. Hi Georgie,can you post a link of that for me please ?
  13. Something i saw in the early ninties I think it was . Francis Wilson and Dear beloved Ian Mckascill weather forecast showed troughs coming in from the east and wow a trough can delivery a lot of snow . So my theory is that showers moving in from the east could intensify and become more organised and persistent due to late March sun strength land heating . So areas further west could also benefit and not just eastern areas. Any kinks in the isobars could indicate trough development potential .
  14. Makes you wonder how deep these drifts were there at the height of the blizzards.