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    Extreme Weather, Ufo`s(which do exist), Sports, My family.

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    SNOW, Thunderstorms, Hot sunny weather, Fog,Hail,Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Magnetic Vortexes sometimes seen over Mexico & Australia from weather satellites.
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  1. The problem is that Azores high is elongated it needs to be I next a more vertical position to ridge up link up to the Greenland high forcing down and prolonging the cold until that Azores either retreats further westward of north northwestward then our chances are very slim at this conjuncture .
  2. Been sleeting in Frome for about hour or so Been hitting the window then running down melting rapidly
  3. Someone mentioned it’s a permanent feature now as opposed to semi permanent . Have to agree that it does just seem to sit there for eternity. Life guarantees death taxes and Azores High ....... :-0
  4. Hello Mapantz Im so sorry to hear of your loss at this difficult time . Deepest condolences.
  5. That Azores high is the culprit. Need that to migrate westward or northward then the fun would begin. It just seems too stationary . I wonder why it barely seems to move run after run week after week month after month?
  6. Just heard on radio 2 weather hill snow coming in tonight and tomorrow !
  7. The only one to call it right was a weatherman someone mentioned on here and said his reputation as on the line! Look like he called it right when he said the whole system would be 100 miles further north anyone remember his name?
  8. Been light snow here in Frome for last two hours or so it did stop briefly earlier but started again
  9. Spits spots rain here in Frome . Last nights snow melted now .
  10. After missing out and having so much heavy rain early morning It then started snowing 10.30 all day but did not settle but this evening heavy snow settled drove to heavens gaye about 40 mins ago winter wonderland up there on the trees .
  11. Hi dean has that been mentioned on any forecasts ? Thanks