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    SNOW, Thunderstorms, Hot sunny weather, Fog,Hail,Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Magnetic Vortexes sometimes seen over Mexico & Australia from weather satellites.
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  1. Please for you . Great to see November snow in the region.
  2. Explains it why missed here.literally 1mile away from first band toward Warminster. Now looks like Pewsey is taking an Absoloutely pasting . Thanks for the photo Bellanite
  3. That's strange, here in Frome ( very close to Warminster ) nothing rain or snow .
  4. offerman

    Winter 2018/19

    How long did it take the weather patterns to return a more nornal cycle such as now ? 2018 winter PV split also seemed to continue in to our summer hence the heatwave and drought. How long did it take for the PV to repair ? And is it possible that the PV could spilt again this winter creating amazing charts once more ...?
  5. Looks like Burt or Ernie or even beaker It’s as strange as my lion smoking weed ...
  6. Hi Andy i was going though my archive photos yesterday and cake across another’s belter strike right over your way from that rogue storm September 2017 You certainly get them over your way. I had forgotten all about this pic until yesterday.
  7. For Warminster. Not Frome. Unbelievable Andy how localised it is around here. I remember couple years ago an incredibly small cell yet potent frequent CG hit you and Cley Hill. Storm was only 3 miles in width max . Gave me perfect vantage point to snap it yet be safe outside A’s was not overhead. Storm was only 4-5 miles away about 3 miles width maybe 4. Was extraordinary . Cley Hill took a barrage of lightning .
  8. Models look good for the next week at least . Beyond that still looks warm very warm maybe slightly less settled
  9. I have two breaks coming up in August one from 3rd for few days and the other from 10th for couple weeks. Long range charts show unsettles and much cooler .
  10. Have i missed something what’s coming next week?
  11. I’m not sure if this will work but I will attempt to post a Time-lapse of what was going on directly over my house whilst you guys were having flashfloods. Was interesting to see whilst no rain fell from that here. Andy, The other thing I noticed is that from here Cleyhill now looks really green because of all that rain I don’t know what is like on your side . Before that rain it was absolutely bone dry just like over here . Interesting thing would be I wish there was a satellite view available of Warminster and Froome and there would be complete contrast despite only being 6- 7 miles apart Almost like a dividing line between desert and lush green from about Corsley over to you and then Corsley to Frome . EFFDF115-F8BF-4128-8B04-65A4BBA11710.MOV
  12. Hi Andy are you in Warminster? What a weird weather event. I was sat in the garden here in Frome watching Cley hill completely dissapear and you know when that happens they are having an absoloute pasting. there was no rain at all over bath side of Frome. Yet it must have lashed for 2hrs minimum in the same spot over there . You must have had major flooding from that lot. Corsley over to Warminster and looked over to westbury too. Unbelievably and I was sat in shorts watching the whole even over there .