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  1. Looks like on weather hd pro app showing lots of thunderstorms coming in through the day
  2. I wonder if Sunday’s storms will be reminiscent of the electrical storms we had a few weeks ago ?
  3. Wet snow chance Monday? I have been looking at the app lowering the temperature by a degree every day in the run-up so far was showing 10 9 8 7 now showing six for Monday . Snow risk chance also showing over north eastern parts of our region into Wiltshire chances get higher further east and north Crazy weather to think last weekend was baking hot and spectacular electrical storms
  4. I loved those storms recently a barrage of lighting here in Frome and hoping we get many more through the summer for everyone .
  5. Someone said after the snow, right they had enough now bring on summer and storms . well their prayers were answered and much much much sooner than we all expected . i can’t belive what a month April 2018 has been and the winter ong 2018 Astonishing weather more akin to USA with cold then warm with storms
  6. Well the last of the snow has finally melted here After I took it out of the freezer :-)
  7. NOTE THE PART ABOUT THE GULF STREAM: World sees rapid upsurge in extreme weather: report Paris (AFP) - A world addled by climate change has seen a four-fold increase in major flooding events since 1980, and a doubling of significant storms, droughts and heat waves, Europe's national science academies jointly reported Wednesday. In Europe, where precise data reaches back decades, the number of severe floods has jumped five fold since 1995, according to the report, which updates a 2013 assessment. "There has been, and continues to be, a significant increase in the frequency of extreme weather events," said Michael Norton, environmental programme director for the European Academies' Science Advisory Council. "They underline the importance of avoiding greenhouse gases, which are fundamentally responsible for driving these changes," he told AFP. For impacts that cannot be avoided, he added, "this makes climate proofing all the more urgent." In Europe, efforts to shore up defences against river flooding have proven effective: despite an increase in frequency of such events, economic loses on the continent have remained static. "Rather than just coping with disasters after they strike, we need to shift to proactive management of all drivers of risks," commented Munich Climate Insurance Initiative director Soenke Kreft, who did not contribute to the report. In the United States, however, the damage wrought by storms doubled, on average, from $10 billion in 1980 to $20 billion in 2015, adjusted for inflation, according to the report, based in part on data from insurance giant Munich Re's NatCatSERVICE. The update also assessed new findings on possible changes in the Gulf Stream, powerful ocean currents running between the Arctic region and the Caribbean that warm the air in northwestern Europe and the US eastern seaboard. Climate 'hotspots' The weakening of the Gulf Stream "is now a credible hypothesis," said Norton. "Some of the underlying drivers of extreme weather which were speculative four years ago are looking less speculative." The prospect of the Gulf Stream -- also known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) -- slowing, or even shutting down entirely, "must be taken as a serious possibility," he added. Scientists have estimated that winters in Britain and much of western Europe would be several degrees Celsius colder under such a scenario. The study also examined recent disruptions of the polar Jet Stream, a band of west-to-east winds that circulate at bullet-train speed some 10 kilometres above Earth's surface at the upper boundary of the troposphere. Recent research has linked severe winters in North America and Europe, as well some extreme summer weather, to Jet Stream fluctuations possibly driven by global warming in the Arctic, where temperatures have risen twice as fast as for the planet as a whole. "The linkage between climate change and individual weather events -- such as the 'Beast from the East' -- in inherently uncertain," commented Phil Williamson, a climate researcher at the University of East Anglia. But the new report "is fully consistent with global trends," he added."For example, there have been roughly ten times more warm record-breaking temperatures than cold one in the last 150 years." A 2016 study in Climatic Change forecast that, by mid-century, pockets of southern Europe will face at least one severe climate hazard every year of the scale now occurring only once every 100 years. By 2100, according to these predictions, Europe's entire Mediterranean seaboard will be confronted annually with extreme droughts, coastal floods or heatwaves. And a few "hotspots" will be hit every year by two or more such formerly once-in-hundred-years hazards, which also
  8. Can anyone help me out please I’m looking for the archive radar images from yesterday evening through until this morning and my app does not go back that far so I can’t see how it all passed through I saw radar images open till about 930 and I went to sleep about 10 so I’d like to see what actually happened how it progressed after dumping another 3 inches of snow on top of the already 14 cm that we had from the morning and previous night before that Weather HD Pro app doesn’t show it so any help would be greatly appreciated .
  9. I had a Sony Walkman ( had megabasd switch button on it lol) i still have it in the loft
  10. Weird never seen this the main band that came in last night then up from the south and produced 14 cm for us here in Frome then pivoted and went to Devon Cornwall . SO then a tiny echo off Kent grew and grew marching ever nearer BUT the previous band over Devon started growing again northward and eastward yet that system is working westward . How on Earth is that happening yet the band in the east is travelling westward ?? Im currently right between the two .! Is it possible that the two could merge and the southwestbone keeps expanding in to the approaching east to west one? Is that possible and if so would thatbbeef it up further?
  11. Hi NK is that supposed to deliver for us? How much of so?
  12. Morning Andy this is insane and I have to admit this is the heaviest now I’ve seen falling since the 1980s even the last beast from the east the snow was more fine and blizzard like but I haven’t seen this intensity with such massive flakes since the 1980s and so nice to see as it rekindles those childhood memories and it was lovely because my boy was just stood looking out the conservatory as are used to and I said to him soak these memories up because sometimes no can be very rare so take in he said I am daddy I am this is amazing And also there is not so much wind now as there was with last snowfall