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  1. Ah blimey sorry for you wherever you are . I feel your frustration as had that far too many times myself
  2. Really sorry to hear that TEITS I know the feeling of frustration for so many years when I lived down south far south it was so marginal there when few miles up the road loads of it and then none at all for whole south coast for years on end sometimes and even worse when the forecasters said it was coming and it didn't happen . Maybe a little hope yet maybe March?
  3. Apart from the one very heavy snowfall where it dropped 5CM in some areas 10 in others quite widely across the country and then 28 down here where I live and many other areas had deep snow as well So it can't be called a disaster completely and I'll make do with the one really really snowy period which was so nice to see and akin in-depth terms to the 1980s So not a complete disaster let's be grateful for what we had .
  4. Can't complain about this winter had snow fix recently and glad many others did too, had a lot of it 27cm. Just happy to get one mega fall . More would be good but nice to have seen some.
  5. Some sleet around the region now there was really heavy batch of snow over Wales but that is starting to weaken as the mountain effect dies its thing .
  6. Just had hail shower here in frome but nothing on radar so must have been sudden development
  7. I agree that even near term it can go drastically wrong or right as the case recently if you like snow and the recent Metoffice and forecasters mistakes with the snowfall in S/W yes even 48 hrs out can be a nightmare but -% wise it will be more reliable than 8-10 or f1 days out .
  8. Sorry. All I meant was, why people keep getting themselves let down because too much excitement at a long distant . sure I love the cold too , I love be to see cold charts but when it looks like cold on the way and often apparently nailed only to be disappointed. Wouldnt it be better to get excited say -3-4-5 days out and even then that can be a letdown but at least that can be better -% chances than at say day 10. Why get so excited about something so far off that 9-10 times doesn't materialise then many throw dummies from the pram when it doesn't happen and that's because it wasn't too far out. So sorry again but that's all I meant .
  9. Couldn't have put that better myself. When charts are that far out showing dream scenarios they always change downgrade more often than not so don't disappoint yourself by getting too excited that far out.
  10. Totally agree with you there. Here in Frome felt warm today after last night very very cold night. Despie warm sun still 5-6 inches widespread another day of sledging .
  11. Nearly 9am and it's still chilly -7 did get down much lower overnight similar to warmin. A lot of snow cover left even though some thaw yesterday. So off sledging shortly after breakfast for third day in a row 😁🌨
  12. Wow i was going to ask this afternoon but didn't have time to post it. Anyine know what this large footprint is ?