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  1. Morning everyone Really good to hear of all the snow reports and a big surprise for many no doubt as well . Really please for you . No snow or rain here in Frome just very cold cloudy very low cloud Base here. Hope it keeps snowing for you all
  2. Went out to watch Perseids but instead saw unexpected showers turn up and distant dry storm. Back home it was torrential again and completely unexpected. Photo is not from home but near Mere looking toward King Alfred Tower. Also showing data radar set of progressing showers thunderstorms last night.
  3. Hi Andy And a nice holiday up there . I'll be honest in that my garage got completely smashed in the extreme winds that we had . Was horrendous down here . My WeatherPro it was a present from my mum a few years ago but I got totally smashed so I need to get another one . The winds were incredible last night driving to see my mum and dad I was stopped by some workmen tree surgeons Who had to cut a massive branch of a huge tree several of the branches had come down during the previous night but huge one was a danger to life . I saw them chop it down while waiting to drive round the road and it would have no doubt killed somebody . At a guess I would say anywhere between 40 mm to 60 mm possibly even more it was a horrendous amount of rain just to space of a couple of hours . Maybe my estimates are over the top but it just seem like it was relentless it was proper torrential rain continuous . Enjoy the rest of your holiday out there more rain expected down here on Wednesday with a chance of storms and then again I think at the end of the week .... August does seem to be the start of the autumn over the last few years .
  4. A very strange occurrence was that on the radar it was showing intense really heavy rain falling right over me where those Matmass clouds were , but nothing was reaching the ground , I'm wondering if updraughts or something kept the rain aloft, really strange to see such intensity on the radar not making it to the ground .
  5. Sorry for all my posts I do get a bit carried away like an excited kid when it comes to weather storms snow tornadoes lightning The matmass clouds are really going for it right now directly over Frome
  6. Here are a set of today's radar runs and look at the last one the next batch coming in
  7. Hello here from Frome that was a crazy amount of rain !! Absolutely torrential flash floods thunder lightning continous for 1.5 hrs amazing matmass clouds too That storm has now just finished as you can see in the panoramic photo the storm on the left has passed and on the right the next one is coming in and more rumbles of thunder now looking at the radar yet another streamer coming in
  8. Ok great, Thanks for that. Well in Photo Four there is a strange looking object! Could be bag i suppose or something like that. Just looked strange. Nice photos BTW of those angry clouds with possible rotations. Next time you see those maybe do a 5 minute time lapse if you have iphone or camera. You'll see what those clouds are doing in a better view.
  9. Hello Kirkcaldy Were you indoors behind glass when taking these photos?
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