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    SNOW, Thunderstorms, Hot sunny weather, Fog,Hail,Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Magnetic Vortexes sometimes seen over Mexico & Australia from weather satellites.
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  1. Today in Frome All the years I’ve been here, never seen an Otter until today ❤️ FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Damn, I really thought I was going to see some lightning from this intense echo just to my Southwest on the radar. unfortunately it didn’t materialise. hoping for many more chances as summer has not officially begun.
  3. Whilst we haven’t been blessed with warm weather this year ,we have been blessed on many days with wonderful cloud formations.
  4. Just goes to show how fickle our area is. you are 7 miles away from me, only shower there yesterday. Here was literally very heavy all day on and off. what a difference 7 miles makes.
  5. Pretty much dodged the showers here as well today so far too . Saying that though, there is a band that seems to be developing off Cornwall heading our way. IMG_6408.MOV
  6. Just been very fortunate to see a lovely rainbow whilst driving home One of the most intense I’ve ever seen quite low down as well
  7. We’ve seen a couple of red kites up Orchardleigh last year, they are massive! I think they had red and white markings on their belly as they flew overhead. They were incredible to see! what a great story about the Eagle Landing at Longleat.
  8. Hi Tamara, What in your opinion has caused this extremely long cold period of weather to last so long ? Why now and not in winter? In the sun feels very pleasant when out of the wind. Many Thanks and enjoy your new home.
  9. Hi Jethro that’s incredible!! it was snowing briefly here as well yesterday up towards Orchardleigh which is also quite high but not as high as the Mendips I don’t think it’s probably on the edge of the Cotswolds. absolutely crazy weather and just to add to that I’m on another walk right now as I’m dictating this message and we’ve just seen a funnel cloud
  10. Just back from a nice walk in the rain hail sleet soft hail Some nice formations about .
  11. Had nice time at B&A today and as Andy Alluded to earlier it’s been a great week of cloud watching . These ones I took today.
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