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    Extreme Weather, Ufo`s(which do exist), Sports, My family.

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    SNOW, Thunderstorms, Hot sunny weather, Fog,Hail,Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Magnetic Vortexes sometimes seen over Mexico & Australia from weather satellites.
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  1. 32c already here!!! Wowsers! Cant believe I can't go out to the weir as I was bitten in the ankle on Saturday , foot and ankle swelled double the size of my other leg. Painful to walk on but today much better than yesterday .
  2. So much for any storms today!! Strike 1 1 down four more potential days to go . Surely one of the days has to come in .
  3. Hello So why then don't the BBC use Ukmo instead of the Meto if meteo don't use ? Is it about saving money but getting worse forecasts ??
  4. Hi Fromey, This was unexpected wasn't it. Rainfall radar showing a lot coming in too from the southwest ! Was baking earlier in the sun with no wind.
  5. Hello Tamara, Crumbs! You're certainly well versed in Meteorology! Thank you so much for your detailed response which I greatly appreciate for taking the time and effort to reply to a bit of a numpty such as moi. My knowledge is far below par compared to many here and especially yours looking at your reply . Can I ask , was the PV in part to blame ( in a good way if you like long dry periods) for the unprecedented dry sunny weather as soon as lockdown started right up to latter June bar two rainy days in April. What enable such huge high pressures almost encircling the globe at mid latitudes especially towards and over the UK for Such a long period of time ? Another question which I have always pondered, do you think there is any correlation between the inner workings regarding metals under the core and certain large strong high pressure cells ( Hadley I think ) that make them tremendously difficulty to shift at times ? One of note often seems one off the Portuguese coast and extends over Spain although this year Spain doesn't appear to have this but instead a constant slack low pressure producing many thunderstorms over the country this year. Many Thanks again Tamara.
  6. That's great. Thank you MBO for the reply and good explanation . Much appreciated .
  7. Hello , Quite often I hear reference to the Pacific controlling things . What the Pacific does affects our patterns , us etc.. If this is the case, what controls the Pacific patterns ? Or is the Pacific the first point of controlling weather types globally because of its sheer size and also El and La events too? Many Thanks .
  8. No storms or rain here in Somerset wilts border. still very humid so I guess still a chance through the day . Really happy for those who did get storms and for those that normally miss them but didn't miss this time I'm really happy for . Cant beat a good storm for Adrenalin rush .
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