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  1. Hi everyone. I'm back from my summer hibernation lovely walk this morning in Dunstable Downs. Everything is frozen and can see some fog in the valleys. My best time of the year!
  2. Driving back home and it is crazy outside. Very heavy rain (downpours) with strong winds. The first thing came to mind that imagine if this all rain was snow
  3. After a nice day out hiking in snow covered Wendover Woods, I couldn't resist stoping to take some photos of the amazing sunset at Dunstable Downs
  4. A lot of schools are closed in Bedfordshire. The view outside is nice
  5. Heavy snow in Dunstable and very good covering. The only problem now that it is unlikely I will be able to go back to sleep
  6. Just finished a nice walk in whipsnade village. Wasn't expecting all this snow. Thought to share some photos with you coldies. Hopefully more snow for all of us in the coming few days and weeks.
  7. Nice drone footage shows snow on Devil's Dyke https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-sussex-46287904/drone-footage-shows-snow-on-devil-s-dyke We didn't get any snow in Dunstable (not even the surrounding hills) but happy to see that some places in the south got some By the way this is my first post this winter (or Autumn)
  8. Lunch time walk at Dunstable Downs an hour ago to say goodbye to what left of the snow.
  9. A question for the more knowledgeable ones here please and apologies if has already been asked: As I live in the north west of the region I wonder why at the moment we don't have a lot of snow forecast for my region while the famous 91 easterly was excellent for all regions. Is the setup differnet with this easterly? Thanks
  10. Yes this is from the meto UK Outlook for Monday 19 Feb 2018 to Wednesday 28 Feb 2018: Dry, sometimes bright weather and light winds will predominate in the UK throughout next week, with increasing amounts of overnight frost. Rain or drizzle and stronger winds are possible at times in northwestern areas. Temperatures at the start of next week will be around average for the time of year, and probably slightly above average in the north. However, there will be a trend toward colder weather by the end of the week and into the following week, as winds turn predominately easterly. Wintry showers may develop,with the potential for some significant snowfalls focused on southern, central or eastern areas. The location and intensity of any snowfall will be uncertain until much nearer the time.
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