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  2. Some photos from a local walk this morning with perfect timing to catch the sunrise. It was very special with the snow.
  3. Some more photos from a local walk this morning. The freezing fog made everything special...
  4. Thanks. Hope next snow event will include the whole region. I would say up to 5cm
  5. Dunstable got a good snow cover but melted in the afternoon. Hills around the area did ok. I drove to the highest point in the Chiltrens to have my snow fix. Some photos from Wendover Wood this morning
  6. Around Dunstable, the hills are sunny but the valleys are foggy so couldn't resist taking some photos
  7. Should I go and tell all my friends, relatives and work colleagues that it is going to snow next week? Or should I be wise and wait this time ?
  8. Rushmere country park walk an hour ago. Amazing icy scenes. I love winter ?
  9. In Dunstable it reached - 0.4 but then in the last hour or so raised by 0.7 so now it is 0.3 ?
  10. Hi everyone. I'm back from my summer hibernation ? lovely walk this morning in Dunstable Downs. Everything is frozen and can see some fog in the valleys. My best time of the year!
  11. Driving back home and it is crazy outside. Very heavy rain (downpours) with strong winds. The first thing came to mind that imagine if this all rain was snow ?
  12. After a nice day out hiking in snow covered Wendover Woods, I couldn't resist stoping to take some photos of the amazing sunset at Dunstable Downs
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